Pre-winter battery change?

Winter’s approaching here in the Northeast US, and I’m wondering if I should change the batteries in my roof-mounted Sky now vs. climbing on my roof in winter conditions. The battery level is currently at 3.40 volts, and I figure I need about six months of battery life to get me through the winter. Should I risk it, or play it safe and swap in fresh cells now?

I wouldn’t change a thing if the voltages are stable.


Voltages/reserves drop with the thermometer. If money is not a problem, the bunny says change 'em and put the old ones aside for the Air…

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As I posted under “Precip Reports”, thats what I did and cleaned out the late season spider webs too before it gets too bad out there. I don’t want to climb a icy 25’ tower just to find out how far I’d bounce if I slipped, and I’m pretty sure I don’t bounce well at this age…