For those who have had their Sky's batteries die

Did you happen to to test them after pulling them out? I found mine had 4 totally dead and 4 at 1.47-1.49v.

Did your battery voltage just fall off a cliff over the last day? Mine had been steadily slowly dropping and had just dropped bellow 3v and then about 1 day ago started rapidly dropped until it went offline early this morning.

Are we supposed to get a low battery warning and if so did you get one? I didn’t notice any battery warn from the app and only got any email that my sky was offline.

BTW I was using the recommended ultimate lithium.

On the plus side this motivated me enough to climb up on my roof to get my failed weather cam down, get an accurate measurement of the OD of the sky so I can turn a press fit ring for bird spikes and zip tie so temporary spikes (I used aluminum welding rod, I was going to use stainless but I was low on the gauge I wanted to use).

The good thing about those lithium cells is they last a long time. The bad thing is when they reach the end of their life, the voltage drops like a rock :cry:


I did test mine later and only 2 were below 1.4V.

I think there might be something wrong with my Sky. The battery level has already dropped down the same amount it did over 4 mo since changing the batteries this afternoon. My Air that has 7 mo old batteries currently has higher batter level. I’m sure part of the drop is due to it being colder but it’s more of a drop than I’ve been seeing for high/low swing each day. Hopefully it doesn’t continue with this steady drop.

Did you check the voltage on the cells before you installed them?

No, I put the brand new pack in pocket and installed them up on the roof so I wouldn’t get 10" of false rain and didn’t bring my meter up with me. I had 3.6v after installing but since its a 4p pack I guess their could be some bad cells.

Voltage has leveled off and started rising this morning currently at 3.39v so as of now it looks like they’re not going to be dead by tomorrow but may only last for a few months instead of 7.

That’s normal that they will drop to around 3.3.

Didn’t see it mentioned. A battery will recover a bit when the load is removed. So if you’re going to test, test as soon as you pull them, not 15 minutes or more later.

Mine never dipped down to 3.3v until Dec on the first set of batteries (I got my unit in Aug). My battery level back in Nov was actually higher than it is now but it has gone back up with warmer ambient temp instead of just continuously dropping like it did the other day when the batteries died.

I checked the date codes on the old and new batteries and to me it looks the new set were made 1 week after the old set are only a little over 1yr old so it should have anything to do with shelf life. While part of having lower voltage than when I first got the Sky has to do with ambient temp it doesn’t explain why the Sky has lower voltage with supposedly fresher batteries than the Air and it’s in a warmer location (direct sun light apposed to shade).

I may just have 1 bad cell in this new set so I’ll check the next time I go up on the roof (once I get my replacement weather cam and/or fabricate my bird spike attachment I’ll be back up there).

Speaking of bird spikes, my temporary spikes have been working well so far, I haven’t got any false rain today. I wish I would have gotten my other UDP scrapper done before hand so I could at least compare the false rain to ISY node data

My SKY died rapidly,. There was no low-battery warning. Three batteries were poor, four were stone dead, one was 1.45 volts. They were in use for about six months.

They probably died to quickly to issue a warning.

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I did not get a warning, except for the Replace in the app.