SKY UV stopped showing

Have put in a ticket to WF…

SKY suddenly stopped showing UV index although everything else is working.

We’re so dependent on our fave toys, aren’t we :slight_smile:

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Hello cotedan

your UV sensor shows failed indeed. Is it easy for you to reboot the Sky ? Else I give a remote order. Sometimes it is enough to get it back …

Allo. If you can remotely reboot, that would be great. Otherwise I have to climb way up.

Thank you

Can you confirm your station ID is 15478 please ?

Yes Sudbury 15478


Rebooted but nope, UV and wind sensor failed …
Guess you’ll have to wait for support to come back to your ticket and tell them a reboot was done but without results.
Sorry Dan … also support is a bit swamped since a few days with all the Tempest coming online (mostly setup questions) Hopefully it won’t be too long.

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thanks so much Eric. Much appreciated.

Indeed Wind just failed too. Ugh.

Have to wait until mid June or later for Tempest, but like a fine wine, good things take time :slight_smile:

Merci beaucoup Éric. Your help in this forum is awesome.


contact customer service and they’ll likely replace failed hardware

yeah thanks much. I’ve been with WF for a while and they’ve always been excellent.

I’ve got a ticket in, and even after Eric’s attempt to reboot, seems the unit might be measuring its last wisps of air :slight_smile:

Thanks again.

Well, if you want to observe a SKY unit slowly on its way out but still fighting its way to the end, check out my unit 15478. UV stopped breathing some time ago. Now Wind started limping over the past few days.

My SKY is old and wobbly, but it’s giving its best to hang in there. Seems to be holding on to its last legs until its younger sib Tempest arrives in a week or so…

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