UV / Brightness / Solar Radiation stopped reporting

I noticed today that the I am not seeing any information being reported for UV / Brightness / Solar Radiation. Checking the graphs, it seems that it stopped reporting on 2/15 around 10am. I have not touched the unit and it seems to be reporting other values.
Station 5371

Email support@weatherflow.com to open a support ticket.

This is a strange case. The sensor does not show a failure and batteries were not changed at the time.

You could try opening and closing the battery door. That might reset it.

I have had a similar issue. In my case, the RSSI between hub and sky had jumped from -58 to -77, moving the hub a few inches brought the RSSI back to the -50 range and all sensors kicked back in.

I can not explain how or why this occurred, it was as if wind/rain is using a different transmitter to solar/uv.

Worth checking before getting the ladders out!

His Sky started reporting data four hours ago. Hopefully everything will show good data at sunrise.

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It did seem to come back on the 2/17, but I see that there was a Brightness blackout 2/18 at 9:25, and it recovered at 6pm. And then another blackout from 10:30am this morning 2/19, but then picked up again at 4:25pm today.
I did reboot the hub on Sunday (switched outlets), though I don’t see any loss of data for Wind Speed.

I have sent an email to support to open a support ticket.

I think you should have support look at your Sky and data. Email support and ask for help.

Do you know the approx. turn around time of support tickets? I have not heard anything back.

Usually pretty fast. You send a mail ? Did you get a notification it opened a ticket for you ?

Yes, I sent an email to support@weatherflow.com on Feb 19th @ 8pm. I received no reply.

Open a support ticket http://got.wf/contact

Hopefully that will trigger a response.

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Hello, My Sky unit seems to have the same problem, it no longer reports UV, Brightness and Solar Radiation.
The unit wasn’t in use for quite a while, I got it out of storage some days ago, put batteries in it (and ordered the Solar panel for it) and all seemed well. This morning around 8 am it reported it last UV, Brightness and Solar Radiation values.

Since then I opened/closed the battery lid to take the power of but that didn’t resolve it. I’ve replaced the batteries with new (the advised energizer lithium) ones and also took the power from the hub but unfortunately I still get no new values (the rest works perfect)
Any advise what else to do before I open a support case?
(My station id is 2170)

can you click the little green bullet down the page right side. It’ll give more details about the devices. In the sky section look at sensor status. Any error there ?? I see indeed all stopped working except the wind …

The Sky status looks like this:

As I read it no error.
To me it seems rain is also functioning.

weird … there are three sensor in the sky and one failed (for UV, brightness and solar radiation)

I was expecting an error there showing : sensor failure

This is something for support as we can’t do much more

can you open a ticket via

support via the website : http://got.wf/contact

support via mail : support@weatherflow.com

they will have a look at the raw data and help you directly

Sorry I can’t be of more help but only staff has access to your data

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Ok, I’ll open a ticket.
Thanks for looking and the fast response!

not very relevant, but there are only two sensors, placed in one chip. Solar radiation is just calculated from brightness.

Within 15 minutes after I opened the ticket I received a response from WeaterFlow Support that they looked into it and it did turn out to be a defective Light Sensor (after a subsequent reboot it did show it as failed)
They will send me a replacement unit, I’m very happy with this great support!