UV solar readings stopped

My UV readings were intermittent Thursday and stopped completely at 8:30 Friday morning, according to Weatherflow online, Weatherflow app, and PHP34. I have zip ties on the Sky to keep birds off. Do I need to take down my Sky this weekend to check for droppings or is there another cause or solution I should look at?

Are you getting a sensor error? What is your Station ID?

It could be that the sensor window is blocked but that seems very unlikely.

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No error in any UX I have, simply no reading after 8:30 a.m. Sky sensor status says “OK”. I’m station 4721.

You have been having issues since August 25. This is not a bug, I think you have a defective unit.

@dsj, Look at his data. It’s cut out four times since the 25th. Even the rain and wind show a dropout.

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Seems indeed a sensor that gave up …

you can also contact WF directly

support via the website : http://got.wf/contact

support via mail : support@weatherflow.com

It’s not just one sensor. The rain and wind have had issues.


My station is 5372 and I put my SKY unit up on September 22, readings were great until 9/26 when they became intermittent, and then stopped completely on 9/28 (so I didn’t even get a week out of it). They have not been back online since. Sensor status: OK. I read a few things about reinstalling the sensor on the app, would that work?

Hmm. That looks like a device failure, but best to contact our crack team of support specialists, who can help you troubleshoot: http://got.wf/contact or support@weatherflow.com