Wind data stopped


My graph shows 30 minutes with no data at all this morning.


I’ve just checked something, and data was missing from everything.

graph2 graph3

I’d guess at a problem with the servers?!

Yep same over here , thats why its a good reason to capture the data locally on your lanlocal%20with%20weewx

Thanks for the report! Yes, one of our observation collection nodes took about a little nap this morning. Several watchdogs went off and one of our engineers had things back up pretty quickly, but the was approximately 30 minutes of data loss for about a third of the network. This is a new fault mode we’ve not seen before - once we analyze it further we’ll get the appropriate auto-recovery steps in place so it doesn’t happen again.


This is an old thread, but Sky stopped reporting wind speed

here about 12 hrs ago. Everything else Works fine. Not sure what’s up as it’s been working fine for many months.

Station 3778.

What says the status page about the Sky’s sensors?
(You reach status via “settings” - “station”- in the "status"row click on “online”)
Maybe you post a screenshot of it as well.

It looks like Sky has failed for wind and UV 12 hrs ago. Battery level from Solar is still registering in the app tho.

Last timestamp update from Sky to the app was 12 hrs ago. Wind speed and UV are stuck at the value from 12 hrs ago.

When I look at the graph of battery, however, it stops when everything else does. You may want to try power cycling the SKY.

What does the sensor status field tells you?

For sensor status you are looking for a screen like this:

In addition to how @dsfg said to find it you can also find it by viewing your station with a web browser and clicking the green dot at the bottom of the page where it says online.

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Sky showing Offline as expected. It just appears frozen for the display but is offline. Power cycling Sky is not an option at this time of year here.

If the battery still delivers power (Do you have one of the first sold SOLs?), we have to call @WFsupport in or you contact them directly by opening a ticket.

P.S. Good night :wink:

Thanks. I’ve sent in a ticket. The Sky is about a year old so it’s an early production unit.

The Solar unit is a field test unit from last winter. It outperforms all the new ones, climbs its voltage to 3.6 daily and is flawless. The newer 2nd solar unit hasn’t been so lucky, but that’s another section of this forum. :).


November 14th I noticed my UV & Brightness had stopped approx 6 days previous. I reported to support and they provided instructions to reset. Doing so fixed the problem.

December 1st, Sky failed completely. It was offline. I reported to support and we concluded it may have been the SPA.

December 3rd, Sky came back online all by itself.
December 4th, Sky failed again.

It was cold that week, below freezing over night, but sunny during the day. Either way it was concluded the SPA was likely at fault, and a replacement shipped.

December 5th, I removed the SPA and inserted new Energiser Lithium AA batteries.

December 5th, to morning of December 9th it ran without issues

9am December 9th, Wind failed. Checking the batteries, they had plummeted down to ~3.0v

December 10th, to December 15th, the Wind worked randomly for short bursts:

December 15th, wind went back to normal, it is also when the batteries decided they were actually OK, and had crept back to ~3.20v:

Things have worked well, until today.

Today has been sunny, dry and pretty breezy. I just noticed that the wind has failed again:

Battery is fine, at ~3.36v:

Yet again, its having a reboot frenzy, seems to find it hard to stay up for more than 3-4 hours (at least when ever I happen to look, its rarely over 4h for the uptime).

Time to report to support again?

Sorry it is going bad again

the batteries going down and then stabilise after a few days is typical with these Energisers . Up to there all is ok
I see no apparent reason except some sensor failure. Can you have a look on your page (green bullet down to push and in sky section) … under sensors any set as failed ?

I ping support for you already though it is week end …

Thanks Eric.

Wind came back again, so just UV failure now. They change like the damn wind :slight_smile: The Wind sensor was listed earlier.

That said, I take all the sensor reports with a pinch of salt. My air has listed the humidity sensor as failed for months, but its working just fine:


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