Tempest not reporting wind data

Hey guys! I’ve run into an interesting issue with my tempest, that being the wind data hasn’t worked for a few days. Everything else is working except that, and I was wondering if theres a way to troubleshoot on the ground without having to take the tempest down. The reason I say that is because its mounted 12 feet in the air, and it’s a pain to get down!

What is your Station ID?

@gizmoev Station id: 23758

I am having a similar issue that started this weekend. I noticed wind data is recorded on the graph every 5 minutes, but it doesn’t actually show the updates every 3-5 seconds outside of the graph.

I also had a period where the graph wasn’t updating either and then I looked back later in the day and there was data available. I’ve never noticed this until recently and nothing has changed with my setup in months. Battery is in good status too.

The sensor status shows Wind Failed.

That is probably the reason you aren’t getting any wind values. Can you power cycle the Tempest sensor unit?

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