Tempest Performance Issues

Is anyone else having issues with the new Tempest?
I am on my third replacement and I realize this is a new device. So far, it’s been unreliable. The main issues I am having are , low voltage, inaccurate wind speed readings, and inaccurate rainfall readings.
I just installed my third replacement yesterday and right off the bat, no accurate wind speeds.
Just wondering if anyone else is having issues with this as well as low voltage, causing slow data updates?
I emailed support and have not heard back from them yet.

You might know, it takes some time and wind from all direction for the calibration of the wind module.

According to rain, can you give us some numbers? Hence, we could have a look.
Further, it would help to get specific answers out of the community to provide your station ID(s) and some photos of your install situation.

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Since you have 2 Tempest devices and none are set public, people won’t be able to help

As far I can see batteries are perfectly ok, they are both over 2.75 V right now so ‘full’. One of the two is to far from hub or to many obstacles as it shows -83db radio signal. This will most probably create some drops in the link.