Sky offline for two days ... steps to take?

Air is on-line. Sky off-line now for 2 days now. I’m off site, so wonder what to do?

My first impression is, I’d like to try rebooting the hub. But I can’t see a way to do that from from the phone app or the web interface. I guess question 1 is: am I missing something? Is it not a nice idea to have a hub reboot option from off site?

When I get on site, I guess the question becomes what to do next. My guess is to check the batteries on the Sky unit. A pain as it’s mounted up in the air on a roof though I did set it up with a view to the expected once per year battery change.

From there in goes into head scratching I guess.

Start by contacting @anon84912554 at

What is your Station ID? What does the Sky battery graph show?

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Brilliant! Thanks very much. Believe it or not I never ever noticed the battery graph on my phone. Never scrolled that far down with my eyes open? ;-).

But here’s the graph:

The bizarre thing is I have the recommended batteries installed and it gave me no a year but 69 days of life. They nosedived 3 days! Ouch. That sucks.

Off to get new batteries again.

edit : changed your link with the public one :wink: (eric)

So… my thought.

You either had a batch of bad batteries or you have a defective Sky.

Put a new batteries in it and see how it preforms. Also contact support just in case it is the Sky that is failing.



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I also had the recommended batteries, and they lasted 89 days. Similar advice from support … try another set and see how that goes. I have just received a new set from a different supplier (4 packs of 2 this time, last lot were 2 sets of 4). I now wonder about the batteries being fake (even though they were purchased from a national chain store and were on a Energizer battery display stand, and they don’t look fake) … reading around on-line one of the suggestions is to weigh them. I will do that, but I wonder if you @bernd.wechner could compare your 2 types and I’ll do the same when I get home.
Thanks! wayne

Happy to do that. Yet to order some. In fact keen on the best deal I can get and they seem to average $2.50 on eBay so $10 for a replacement set in Sky. It drops a little if you buy more. I wonder where ill/did people source them from, and what buying advice there might be that is international (in short I’m in Australia and Amazon buy links serve me little as the postage slug they put on makes it wildly unattractive if they post to Australia at all, which they often won’t).

Thanks. It cost me $35 in NZ (incl postage) for 8 … the local shops were a lot more … so a bit painful. One set a year I can cope with, but 4 sets is a bit much …

My voltages and weights are here: Batterry Voltages