No longer getting data from Sky

Stopped receiving data from my Sky but still getting data from Air. Wondering if the batteries died. Installed Sky last August using recommended batteries. However, won’t be able to access unit until almost end of March to check the batteries. The unit is mounted on a 10ft pole off the gable end of house and is about 35ft from ground. Snow and ice won’t be melted off the roof until late March.

What is your station ID and what does the phone application show for the Sky battery voltage?

I am looking at the udp stream on port 50222 from the hub and all I see is hub status messages, Air device status messages and Air data messages. No messages at all from the Sky unit. There has been a lot of sub-zero days here in N. Vermont. Lithium batteries don’t like very cold weather; that’s why I am wondering if the the batteries died. Although the Air device has the identical battery type and has been installed much longer. Maybe I had a marginal battery in the Sky unit. Mike

That could very well be. Without knowing your station ID or Hub serial number it’s impossible to check and answer your questions.

Hey Mike, I was able to locate your station and can confirm your batteries in your SKY died. Looks like they lasted a solid 7 months or so. If you want, when you replace them you can try enabling power save mode for your SKY via the app (settings > stations > select your station > manage devices > select your SKY > advanced > enable power save mode). The batteries should last longer a good deal longer on power save mode :+1:

Ah - forgot. The hub serial no. Is 3369. But where do look for station id? Mike

In the phone application
Press the gear at the top left
Press Stations
Press the station
Press Online at the lower right.

It’s the first value on the page.

Thanks for the heads up on the power saving feature. Saw ability to enable it but never dawned on me to use to prolong battery life. Guessing power consumption on the Sky unit is much higher than that of the Air unit. Is it possible to programmatically control the power saving mode? Mike

To my knowledge I don’t think you can programmatically control it.