Signal loss during cold outbreaks

This is second time in so many weeks when we have had a surge of arctic air and I have lost signal of my Air and the Wind directions on the Sky have gone 180 degrees out of phase. The RSSI on the Air is over a 100 and the Sky is 75. Typically they are lower in the 60s. I didn’t think cold air impacts signal strength. There are places much colder than the signal digits right now. Any ideas? Very frustrating. Also, both stations are at same distance but different RSSI’s (?).

What is your station ID?

The station ID is 5766

The only strange thing I see if that your battery voltage dropped rapidly in a very short time.

I know you have done this before, but can you move the Hub as close to the Air as physically possible? I would like to know if the Hub and Air can connect or if in fact the batteries may have died because of the cold. I’m only guessing.

The batteries are lithium and were put in about 6 weeks ago. I was told those are the best for cod weather. I would be surprised if that had anything to do with it. Is that fall off unusual for the battery voltage? I will move it closer to the hub tomorrow. It’s enclosed and fastened in a shelter. It’s behind our house by only 50 or 60 feet and about 5 feet blow Sky. Any thoughts on why winds get messed up, too? Direction is so southerly instead of Westely. I have seen this happen when the Air goes out. Strange. Thanks

There are several reports from users having some calls fail. And with yours dropping I. such a very short period I will not be surprised if one failed and shorted.

Again, I’m guessing but it’s based on prior knowledge.

Similar issue here. My for my station “Oyster River Hills Marshview” both the Air AR-00001040 and sky SK-0002142 are down. The gave up the ghost this morning with their last published reading at 2019-01-31 7:49:19 AM local time. Battery card info for the Air showed 3.37v and 2.98v for the sky. The units were installed at the end of August with a fresh set of Energyzer Ultimate Lithium batteries.