Air Station Continually Disconnects (Solved)

Having a new issue with the Air station. We have had a significant level of inclement weather in the last 48 hours. The Air station has been continually disconnecting. I am able to reconnect by using the app to ping the station. It reconnects for a brief period of time before disconnecting again. I replaced the batteries, which tested good, but no change. Looking for any advice.

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what distance away?
i think there is some db reading ?

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Can you have a look at signal level (RSSI number). up to +/- -80 db it should be ok but lower then that it can become very unstable as the signal isn’t strong enough.
Also what is the batterie voltage ?

click on the green button below right of your station page

Tempest (replace x with your station number)

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RSSI = -17
Voltage = 3.14

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-17 seems to be a very strong signal so hub and air aren’t far from each other.

On the hub part, is the uptime since a long period or just a few hours ? We have seen some rebooting for some unknown reason

Is hub on V30 btw ?

Hub is at V30.
Uptime is now just 29 min.

I checked my own station, to see how it’s strength is. I noticed that there are two places to read your RSSI value. The first place is for the Hub. The second place is for the “AIR” unit. So are you sure which RSSI value was the -17? In my station, the Hub is right by my router, and it has RSSI = -15; whereas, my AIR is at least 50’ away, through 3 house walls, and only has a RSSI = -71.

It could be that the signal is too strong overloading/saturating the receiver. If you want, just as a test, make a “tube” of tin foil to go loosely around the hub and see if you can get the RSSI down to -50 or so. That should eliminate any problem from saturating the hub but still give you a strong signal. See if that makes a difference.

As an example, my RSSI is at -76 and I have not had any disconnect problems.

I had the same issue… I solved using another brand of wifi device. Connecting HUB to Vodafone modem I had a lot of disconnection. Now it’s connected to a TPLing range extender that then connect to Vodafone modem. Now No more problem at all. Range extender is near to vodafone modem so it’s not a field problem but rather a device compatibility.

Good catch, you may have caught something there that I didn’t even think about.

Where are you seeing that uptime? On the Hub or the Air? Can you show a screenshot?

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Please clarify what you mean by +/- -80.

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my AIR is at -88 db
and it has a up time of 118 days :slight_smile:

I relocated the hub and the issue seems to have resolved itself.

What is the RSSI reading on the Air now?

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RSSI = -75 not sure why this worked, but it does

Aloha Walter. MQTT status reporting AOK every 1min. HUB RSSI : -11 (very good). AIR RSSI: -77 (adequate, but not great). Would also recommend rebooting your WiFi router from time to time to refresh.

That’s really strange. You go from -17 down to -75 and is better. That’s what we call FM.

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OK, I’m having same issue. For some reason I have Sky and Air outside but Air keeps disconnecting and reconnecting at odd intervals. It’s very odd. And annoying. I see mention above of measuring signal strength but mention of how. How would I do that.

nothing complicated

go to the webpage of your station, down right there is a green dot with ‘online’ (hope so), just click on the dot. It will flip over and there you will have all the technical details of your modules. Look for your air and see RSSI … if it is -80 or worse then it is limit reception (yep values are negative so closer to zero is better)

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