AIR only updating in app every 2-4 hours

Hi All, It seems for some reasons that the data for my AIR device only updates every 2-4 hours in my app?


What is your station ID?

Thanks Gary - anywhere in the app I can find this rather then going out to the units?

What is the serial number on the bottom of the Hub?

In the app: gear icon, Stations, select station, Status. The station ID is the first in the list.

@jamiebeyore your AIR, ID: 20591, is disconnected from your Hub. The last reported RSSI is -100 which indicates a weak signal strength to the Hub. See the Troubleshooting Guide > Device Connections

Let me know if you’re still having trouble. Alternatively, you can contact customer support ( or open a ticket and reference your post here in the forum.

Your station ID is 5935.

And as Tim has indicated, something is blocking the signal to the Hub. Either clear the obstruction, move the Air closer to the Hub or move the Hub closer to the Air.

I suspect someone moved the Hub but I’m probably wrong.

Thanks everyone. Hub hasn’t moved since I got the unit but I will definitely adjust and see if that helps.

There have been issues with your Air since March 5th. Something is blocking the signal or the Air is in a bad spot.

So that is interesting as I believe somewhere in there they had to replace my air as the barometer wasn’t working. The only change was the AIR unit

That looks like it was March 4th at about 2:30 pm and that unit has had issues staying connected since then.

I see the Air came back online for 90 minutes then dropped out again.

Can you describe the location of the Hub and Air? How much distance and exactly what is between them? Walls, trees, cars, boats, etc.

Ya it comes back then drops off again. The hub is within 50 feet of the AIR and direct line of sight.

Can you bring the Air closer to the Hub and ensure absolute nothing is between them?

Your Air is up and sending to the Hub. The RSSI is -90 which is way low. There is definitely an issue. Contact support and ask them to look at the issue…You may just have a bad Air device.

Your Air lost connection once this morning and the RSSI is holding at -85. That’s still way below acceptable levels for the distance you described.

I see the Air dropped again with the RSSI at -100. There really is an issue either with the Air or some interference at your location.