Air wont stay connected

Whats wrong. Everything has worked ok, since Oct, now cant get Air to stay connected

Have you repowered the Hub?

Yes Several times. How long should it be left unpowered

I bring in house it’s working bring back outside come back in it’s not working

Oh. That’s weird. Relocate the Hub to as different place and see if it stays connected.

Hi Jeff. Can you be more specific with your diagnostic information and description of experience? Hard to tell what’s going on with limited facts. Data implies that you are actively adding / removing AIR from your station – not sure what actions you are taking(?). This leaves us with little diagnostic data on our end to evaluate.

You can tell wireless signal strength for each device by looking at RSSI values on the Status page: App > Settings > Stations > [select station] > Status. An RSSI value between 0 and -85 is sufficient. Anything more negative than -85 is not adequate.

Let me check. Trying to rest again

It says - 40 for AIR - 40 for the sky

I got a message last night bout 3am that lost connection and I needed to check batteries. Batteries are good I tested them Right now it says 24 min ago so it’s not updating. I bring inside the AIR and it works. I the put back outside and a few minutes, stops updating. Very frustrating What shall I do

  • 41 for SKY - 61 AIR 418PM pac time 6/1/18

Radio interference from another nearby 868/915 Mhz device???

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@caredlands Investigating. Sent req to engineering team to look at your MQTT reports, but they are on the East Coast and it’s currently Friday night at 7:15 :beers:

What are MQTT reports. Is there anything i can do on my side

As @vreihen wrote, you may have some serious radio interference. With the Air outside, move the Hub to a location closer to the Air and see if it connects. That won’t solve the current issue but it will give more information.

Hi Jeff. I can see an anomaly in your MQTT (protocols used for device communication over TCP/IP – aka: your home network), need engineering to investigate. In the mean time, you can follow the Troubleshooting instructions for “Air / SKY not Reporting” found here:

Guessing if you reset your AIR, it should resolve. Paraphrased from the help page:

  1. Reset the device and divorce it from your hub: press and hold the clear button on the AIR near the battery door for five seconds and release when LED turns green.
  2. Delete the sensor device from the app, go to Settings > Stations [select station] > Manage Devices > Slide device left to reveal a delete button.
  3. Restart your hub: remove power from the hub for a few seconds, then re-apply power.
  4. Re-add the device to your station: go to Settings > Stations [select station] > Manage Devices > Add Device (+)

That strange, its been there in the same location and no problem. Why now

5:45 PT. MQTT status back to normal. Data from AIR flowing in per normal. Suspect that you reset the AIR per instrux above. Time for happy hour :beers:

Hello – I didn’t reset again – as u recently asked me to. I have my HUB plugged into a power supply/battery backup – It has some USB power connections – I changed it to another USB outlet. I also moved the HUB bout a 1 foot higher. Outside where I put the AIR - I moved it around – even though its been there since Oct 2017 in the same spot – working ok. After doing this it appears to be working now — Will have to watch – Like I said above I got a noticafaction that it was offline – maybe needed new batteries at 3am — 6/1/18 – didn’t see till bout 9am — been working on it the whole day – as of 614pm 6/1/18 its working