Tempest app problem

Looks like I need help again with the tempest app on my apple iPad, lately it has not been updating and I keep getting however many minutes ago in each bracket of the app and it doesn’t update when that happens. This keeps occurring and I don’t know how to correct it? Sometimes it goes away then comes right back. Help

What do you see when you view your station from the web? Also, if you put a link to it in your profile it can help us troubleshoot for you more easily.

Thanks how do I put the link up?

As far as what I see it’s on the far right side of each measurement for temperature, wind, barometer, etc, etc and it says so many minutes ago meaning since last measurement and it counts the minutes until it clears then I’m back to normal till it happens again. Hope that helps

your Tempest is showing an rssi -88, way too low to be good. The value should ideal be between 0 et and -70

The Tempest can’t send data to the hub. Maybe bring them closer together or try to figure out why the signal quality is so bad.

You can get the link by tapping the share icon at the bottom of the app, then go into your forum profile and paste the link.

It’s funny that just lately I’m getting this after all this time before this happened I even had the hub just off from my glass sliding door of the deck. can’t get them any closer then that and when this started to happen I moved it back where I had it originally in another room close to my router. So if it’s going to act up in both locations what can I do more to trouble shoot it. It just seems strange for this to start happening out of the clear blue on and off.

Eric is right on the money!
I looked at your stations data and everything looks good except the rssi. Many things can cause interference with signals in the spectrum that could be interfering more now than it was in the past (New electronic devices, power supplies, other routers, ect) .
The rssi from your routers wifi to your hub is -69. From your hub to the Tempest is -85. If you can “split the difference” and find a sweet spot that can strengthen the Hub wifi connection to your Router and increase the Hubs signal to the Tempest it should improve the data transfer.

I appreciate all the feed back I have been moving the hub around from room to room getting a lot of different readings from middle 70s to low 90s for tempest RSSI lately things are better even with the upper 80 to low 90 reading which puzzles me as well. Guess I’ll have to be happy regardless the number if they can communicate without loss of signal.

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