Question About App on iPhone

Whenever I go into the app, I can’t tell if the app is working on not. I wait a few seconds and the only indicator is the wind speed starts changing and I know I’m getting data. But, a lot of the other categories such as temperature, pressure, etc., say they were updated an hour ago. When do these figures get updated. I would have thought that when I open the app, I get immediate updates from my Tempest.

Any words of wisdom or advice?



Most probably your problem is the radio link between Tempest and hub. It is at -88db which is way to low for a stable link, hence it sends some data when it can reach the hub. You can see this on your status page. Try to get that number somewhere between 0 and -80 (closer to zero is better, inverse scale)
You can try to move your hub in the house since you have a good wifi signal to bring it loser to the Tempest and maybe also rotate it in steps of 45° as there is some directionality. Those numbers are updated once a minute.
Onlyt wind is updated each 3 seconds

Thanks for the reply. Where are you seeing this ‘status’ page? I can’t seem to find it. Is it in the app? Online?



In the app go to Settings, Stations, station name, Status. On the web interface, click on the word Online with the green dot beside it.

On the web page you can click on the green dot to see the system status. However on the IOS app the green status dot does not provide status. This would be useful when sighting the weather station. I will be mounting mine on the peak of my gable, it would be nice if I could see what the RSSI value is from the mounting site on my iPhone.

I moved your topic here since the reply is just above and was replied yesterday.

You can see the status values from the app.

Tap Settings
Stations (under Manage)
Choose your station
Then tap Status

Gives you all the values for signal strength, etc.

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