Odd app & web page behavior

New user here. I got my Tempest last weekend, Sept 18. Set it up and it has been working great until yesterday evening. At that time I noticed that on the web page the UV and wind icons that normally are next to the temperature at the top of the page are missing and the “More Current Conditions” section at the bottom has only humidity and pressure trend. I thought maybe it was a glitch but it is still that way this morning.

If I click on the icon in the upper right to bring up the sensor cards, everything seems fine there. All sensor readings are being updated and look reasonable. The status page shows everything as good, rssi of -18 for the hub and -61 for the device, all sensors ok.

Oddly, the Android app shows “offline” at the bottom of the first page, but “online” if I go into the status (the web page shows “online” everywhere). I have power cycled both the Tempest and the hub. I’ve opened a ticket but thought I’d ask if anyone has seen this and knows a solution.

My station: https://tempestwx.com/station/28521

Welcome to the community @bobh. I see exactly the same thing on your station page so I think this is a glitch, but is unlikely to be something that you can fix by rebooting your devices. I am going to tag @corrineb here who should be able to look into this for you


Hey @bobh! We took a quick look and the reason you are no longer seeing UV and wind information along with the additional current condition parameters on the main screen is that your device environment is set to indoor.

If your Tempest is located outside you can update the environment by tapping the Settings icon then selecting Stations -> [Your Station Name] -> Manage Devices -> [Your Tempest Device]. From there tap Environment to switch it to Outdoor.

If you have any questions let me know.


Ah, that fixed it, thanks! I guess I need to watch what I click more closely :blush: