Wind Reporting Intervals

Hey all, just checking the wind reporting intervals to the app. Every time I open the app on my iPhone, the wind takes a long time to update. There will be a little message on the app in the wind box that says “4 hours ago” or however long it’s been since the app was last opened. Everything else seems to update right away. But I have to keep the app open for what seems like 30 seconds + before the wind readings update.

Is this normal? Let me curious on others’ experiences. Thanks!

What is the battery level on the sensor array?

Battery level is over 2.7V so that is ok

I have your station open on my desktop screen and it updates normally

Can you give model and iOS you have ?? I just tried on my old iPhone 7 and it starts pretty instantly with wind direction (iOS 14ß3)

2.72. And when I I’m just went it to check, it took 22 seconds for wind to update. Thanks.

Thanks, I’m using iPhone 10 with latest iOS. Seems to work quickly for me on PC as well. Haven’t tried it on iPad. Just opened the app on the phone and took 22 seconds to update. Everything else seemed to work right away.

Your screenshot show wifi, is it same if you go via cellular ???

Yea, the last time I did it was cellular.

I have noticed something similar on Android the last couple of days. The strange thing is, that on the station I have two field test Tempests and one SKY that the wind measurements from the SKY always is first to update.

I have had delays getting my wind to display from the weatherflow web page quickly on my phone for months. I thought it was because I am in Australia and so many Tempests are filling up the system. I just put up with it or open up my own weewx display. I have not examined the details of why or when. It has been annoying sometimes. But right now it works very quickly and so I dont know why it had been slow.
cheers Ian :slight_smile:

Hey all, quick update, still taking 15-25 seconds for wind to update in the iOS app. But when I click on the wind section, and it takes me to the graph, it updates right away. Then I have to back out of the graph to get the current wind conditions. This seems to be the quickest way to check wind conditions.

Hey guys, just a quick update here, still getting delayed wind updates in the iOS app. Last time I opened the app every data line said “one hour ago” next to the data. That notification disappeared almost instantly and all the data updated. Except the wind. Again, that took about 20 seconds to update. It’s not a big deal really but I frequently open the app throughout the day to quickly check the conditions, so it’s a bit of a hinderance. Thanks guys, overall I love the Tempest system.