Tempest/Hub Connection Issues (Weak Signal)


I had to bring the station into the house and reset everything - that’s why you saw it on/off line.

I deleted the station and then repaired everything. Here are readings as I had them in the house and as I moved the station away from the base. I’m concerned the station reading in the house is very low for it’s proximity. Starting with a -56 and then moving it away seems it’s a bit handicapped from the start. My mounting pole is only 230 feet from my house - far from the 1000ft max.

It’s staying connected now, but hovering around -90. What would cause the low signal when it’s only 230ft from the hub?

In house:
Hub: -53 (20 feet direct line of sight from mesh router hub)
Station: -56 (10 feet from the Hub — This seems very low)
(if i move the hub just outside the window I will gain an additional 10)

Station (75 feet from hub):

Station (150 feet from hub):

Station (220 feet from hub - at mounting pole):

  • 88-91

The signal readings were totally functional at the installation point up until last night when the firmware was updated. All my data points on the graphs had no dropouts up until this morning.

As I noted earlier, my father’s unit is just as far from the hub, and the hub is in a cabinet in the middle of the house. My hub is in a window with line of sight to the station.