Sky stopped reporting (mystery solved, duplicate serial numbers)

My Sky unit stopped reporting as of 12.00pm yesterday… weird date/time…

I haven’t made any changes to my setup, and batteries shows 3.2 Volts as of yesterday. I tried moving the hub to a different location in my house… didn’t help at all.

Does anyone have a clue. Right now it got removed I guess from my Weatherapp in the phone…


Have you tried resetting the device and adding it back to the Hub?

I did this now :

And it came back up:

  • Check to see if your device is paired to the Hub.
    In the app, go to settings > stations > [select your station] > manage devices.
    Look to see if your desired device is listed. If not, click the “+” symbol in upper right to add (you might need to pop the batteries out of the device, then put back in so the device broadcasts to the hub).

I did that too guess what ? All your history is gone ! maybe @WFmarketing can jump in here this is a not wanted scenario

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His Sky is already disconnected. He can pair it again and then the old data can be joined. Until it’s paired again he is losing data.

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As far as I can see his SKY is is connected again the history goes back 2 a 3 hours I think he got a new device ID number

edit @GaryFunk indeed he’s disconnected again when I looked at his station he was up again for about 2 a 3 hours atm theres no SKY

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I don’t know what he’s doing. I think he’s pressing the wrong buttons.

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LOL can be well lets see what happens

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Yep, history is gone… Bye bye bam:slight_smile:


It’s not gone. It’s still in the database under the former device ID

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You can ask weatherflow too merge the old data to your new devicenumber I think

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Mine keps going down every hour or two :disappointed_relieved:

Readding it doesnt seem to help

Is there a way to reset it instead as see if that works?

Are you having any strange weather that might be causing that?

Not really. Fog. 6 C. Calm no wind.

Watch the RSSI values on the Sky and see if they drop below -80.

Thanks. I dont know where to find those or what they are…

Press the Gear at the upper left corner.
Press Stations
Press your station
Press Online at the lower right
Scroll down to see your Sky device then look for RSSI.

Im getting

Hub: RSSI -68
Air: RSSI -58
Sky: RSSI -52

@nickez28 . Strange. WeatherFlow Customer Support will take a look at your account when they are back in the office tomorrow 14 Nov.

That looks good. Just don’t delete the Sky if it fails.