Add SKY to existing station

For users looking to add SKY to your existing station (already have HUB + AIR)…

App > Settings > Stations > [select your existing station] > Manage Devices > click the “+” symbol at top of Edit Devices page.


If you try to add a new ‘Station’ you will fail. Your existing HUB is already associated with your original ‘station’ and cannot be configured again on the same account to avoid duplication. You will get a msg saying “Device Not Found” as your existing HUB is not a candidate for association.


I was having difficulty adding my Sky to my existing station and stumbled onto the (a?) solution. My Sky would not pair with my hub, adding batteries to the Sky and closing the door caused the green light to flash then go dark and it did not pair with my hub.
The green LED on the bottom of the Sky unit is also a button; push it once and it lights purple removing it from your station. Pushing the LED for a few seconds causes Sky to go into pairing mode and it will flash green as it should…my Sky now pairs with my station.
Perhaps I missed it somewhere but I have yet to find the above information in the FAQ’s or mentioned here on the blog.

Hi @strumruger. Sounds like you stumbled upon a (hopefully) rare pairing state. Most users adding a SKY to an existing station can simply follow the instructions per above.

Here’s what likely happened with your SKY…when a SKY has been previously paired with a HUB (during factory testing, previously setup with a HUB, etc) the SKY becomes monogamous – not allowed to pair with another HUB — for security reasons. This monogamous state prevents another nearby user from erroneously poaching your SKY. When a SKY or AIR is in a monogamous state, it needs to be reset to become a candidate to add to a new station / HUB — welcome to single life!

This should be a very rare situation which explains why we deliberately “hid” the location of the reset button. Yes, the LED light next to the battery door doubles as the reset button. Be careful with this button as it will divorce your device from your station when long pressed for 5+ seconds (hint: that’s why we hid it).

To reset a SKY or AIR and pair with your HUB:

  1. Reset the device and divorce it from your hub: press and hold the clear button near the battery door for five seconds and release when LED turns green.
  2. Delete the sensor device from the app, go to Settings > Stations [select station] > Manage Devices > Slide device left to reveal a delete button.
  3. Restart your hub: remove power from the hub for a few seconds, then re-apply power.
  4. Re-add the device to your station: go to Settings > Stations [select station] > Manage Devices > Add Device (+)

Complete instruction can be found in our Help pages at


Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately I believe my Sky unit has other problems as it went off line recently after working for about 24 hrs. I took it down from its outdoor mount and have tried to re-pair it with my hub again – its LED now flashes red after pairing with the hub.

I’ve tried divorcing it from the hub, removing it from my phone app and re-setting the hub multiple times, the result is still a red flashing LED on the Sky unit.

I’m using the recommended batteries inserted correctly, tried two different 2a power supplies to power the hub and have re-started my phone.

The only thing that has changed with my station is that I’ve bought a new cell phone…in other words, my station (Hub and Air) were set up with my old phone about 6 months ago. I’m now adding the Sky with a different cell phone – do you recommend re-setting/deleting my entire station and starting from scratch? Its the only thing I have not tried.

If you did every single step Keith mentioned, then there is definitively something weird with your Sky module and a more direct approach will be needed I think, as we won’t be able to do much more via the forum to help you.

Open a support ticket mentioning this topic and the WF people will help you directly and more efficiently then we can. Though not sure if they will be ‘online’ before Tuesday as it is one of the rare days off for the US

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OK; I’ve done the above steps to divorce/clear my new Sky unit fro the Hub, then added it back in. Under “manage devices” I’ve now got both the Air and Sky units - but the main page still shows no data from the Sky at all? What have I forgotten or missed?

More information: The Sky LED/reset button is slowly flashing green. The Weatherflow node server for ISY is showing nodes for the Sky and data (primarily illumination and battery voltage since I have the SKY inside) But no data from the SKY in the graphic or text version of the first page of the Weatherflow iOS app. Mildly frustrated at this point

Hmm… not sure what happened or what I did, but I restarted the iOS app, found the SKY device missing, re-added it and now the app is showing data from the SKY. Seems OK now.