Sky not linked to Hub: Missing Wind Data (solved)

Sorry if this was already posted and I’ve missed it, but has anyone else found that they are missing wind data in the app and on the website? I got my unit today and while I don’t have the Sky mounted yet, I do have it standing up and I do see UDP traffic with rapid_wind data (with very light measurements). Anyone else seen this or have thoughts? Thanks!

Can you please give us your station id, so we can have a look (including the staff) :wink:

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Sure - Should be 4782. Thanks.

Is 4782 your station number ?

see picture below how to see it easy, plus is your station set to public. If not we won’t be able to see your shared station page (only @WFmarketing can look serverside)


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Thanks - Aside from the wind issue, every time I enabled public sharing in the Android app, it would be grayed out when I went back in. Enabled it from iOS and should be public now. Check


There is no Sky device on that station. You need to add your Sky.

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That’s very odd as it said it saw it when I first set it up. I don’t remember the exact message, but I remember walking it through. Will try again. Also, the status page on the Android app is blank on mine. Not sure if that’s what everyone else sees, so figured I’d mention it. Thanks again.

One other thing I thought I’d mention - I do see wind data in the network traffic coming from the hub. E.g. type: rapid_wind, hub_sn, etc… Would that be visible if the hub wasn’t communicating with the Sky?

Your Sky is linked to the Hub but not to WeatherFlow. Reset the Sky by pressing and holding the LED button on the bottom of the Sky. Then add it back in the phone application.

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Thanks Gary - Weird considering the data seemed to be going from the hub to a 54.x AWS IP associated with Weatherflow (but admittedly, I am still learning how these things communicate and work). I re-added everything from the iOS app, and while it was similar (from what I remember anyway), everything is now showing up. :slight_smile: One other thing I’d note is that even after it started working, under the Android app, under “Stations” → “Name” → “Manage Devices” , nothing was visible (and nothing showed up under status either). I cleared the storage from the Weatherflow Android app, re-logged in, and everything appears happy. I’m not sure what I messed up in the process, but thanks all. I appreciate it. Now to start building my meteobridge router, :slight_smile: