Missing data from Hub /Server?

Yesterday (31st October) it would appear that my WF failed to collect data as seen in attached sample graph.

What is strange is that this applies to both sky and air data and yet (as seen status) the hub has been up for 24 days.

Can anyone offer an explanation?
PS there were no power cuts etc as I was on internet during this time and there should have been connectivity.

i’ve the same furthermore the history from 31th october is wrong at some time its not updated https://smartweather.weatherflow.com/history/4967/2019-10-31

@spacesnow @dsj
thanks for that update,
I guess it is a server issue affecting how many ?.

I think this may be the same issue: App not showing latest data when zoomed out. The WF staff are looking into it


thanks for the thread , but nothong about the history on 31th october. well we wait.

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@spacesnow If it is the same issue, if you zoom all the way in (1 minute), you should see your data, and if so, it’s not lost, just not showing when zoomed out.

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I saw that its fixed the history is updated too, thanks for notifying.

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