Missing weather data

My station https://tempestwx.com/station/76760/graph/204897/wind/4 now has missing data when it never did in the past. My hub has had weak WiFi connection from day one with RSSI values in the -80’s range and goes down from time to time but always comes back up. In the past when it came back up it would back fill in the missing data but this no longer looks to be happening.

@WFstaff @dsj @WFsupport Has anything changed that would cause my station to no longer back fill in missing data when the hub comes back on-line when it never did in the past?

When I checked the status of your station just now, it shows the hub has only been up for about 53 minutes. Maybe there is an issue with the power supply. Try a different one and see if the dropouts disappear.

Also, try rotating the hub so the side to the left of the LED is facing the nearest Wi-Fi access point. That is the side that has the antenna and it sometimes gives a better signal.


The station was down again today and the LED light was green. In the past when my station was down the LED light would be red. I unplugged the HUB and plugged it back in and the station came back on-line. How do I test for a bad power supply @WFstaff @dsj @WFsupport?

I do have the left side of my HUB facing my WiFi access point.

This is how you test it. The power draw on the hub is very low so most any old phone power brick should work.

What watt power supply does the Tempest station come with and what type of USB is it? Would a bigger watt power supply help?

The Hub draws minimal power, and could run on batteries for days/weeks. I had one plugged into a USB phone battery charger pack, and the pack kept shutting the power off because the draw was so low that it assumed an attached phone was fully charged. IIRC, the Hub’s current draw was a paltry 0.07 amps (about 0.35 watts)…

In addition to what @vreihen said above, look at the plug end of the cord going into the hub. That is the type of plug you need. It is called micro-USB. It is what phones and other devices used for many years before switching to USB-C connectors.

Again, the power draw is so low that I don’t think you’ll be able to find one that is under powered for it. Given that, literally go to any store that sells phone chargers and has a micro-USB end or can take a cord with a micro-USB end on it and buy it. If you lived near me I would just give you one of my many spares. They are literally that easy to come by.


If the Hub has a micro-USB port on it. . .and a USB-C tipped plug is used. . .then a USB-C to micro-USB adapter would have to be used. That’s the arrangement I have for two of my “USB-C” Hubs using a regular micro-USB cable.


try using a different usb cable to deliver the power to the hub.

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This station is one of the two stations I own, I have one at home and this one at my lake property an hour away which is down again today. The hub I have at home uses USB-C but I think this one at my lake property is older and might use a Micro-USB. I will replace the power supply and cord and hope that takes care of the problem.

I do still wonder why I have missing data when this station does come back up? In the past when my lake property station went down due to weak WiFi it would repopulate the data when it came back on-line, this does not look to happen when my station comes back up these days after being down to what now looks to be a power supply issue.

Yesterday I went to my lake lot and replaced the power supply and cord with a new power supply and cord, it was a USB-C. The station came right back up but then this morning it is down again. Every time this station has gone down over about the last four months the LED light on the hub would still be green. Over the last few years when the HUB went down (only happened about once every 6 weeks) it would show a red LED light and in those cases it seemed to be going down due to the loss of the WiFI connection. I have tweaked my WiFi antenna and moved the HUB so the left side faces the WiFi access point which seemed to have taken care of the weak WiFi connection. The issue with the HUB going down over the last four months seems to be for a different reason and I thought it might be the power supply due to this thread but after replacing it yesterday and it only staying up for 15 hours that does not seem to be the reason. Any idea what to check now? Maybe I just need a new HUB?

Other than opening a support ticket and referencing this thread, I’m not sure what else to suggest.

If your hubs have USB-C power connectors, that is news to me. I hadn’t heard that they made a change. Great if they did.

I had similar issues but not as frequent as yours, I contacted support team and they told me that it could be due to radio communication issues. Anyway that unit died soon and I got a replacement unit, in the begining it also showed frequent data gaps, but recently it has improved a lot and I only see it once in a while. You can see details in the thread below.

perhaps a stupid question, but is the power in your lake lot going down?
Other suggestion would be some tiny break in the copper on the pcb board in the hub, and temperature changes could make or break that connection. To check that, open it up, turn it on and use some cold spray to locally shrink the pcb. Or you could first visually check for such tiny breaks. Making a high res photo and zoom the picture is a good way to try to find those.

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Good question but the power at my lake lot is very reliable, I have cams there as well that never go down due to a power loss. Breaks in the copper on the pcb board are something to look into. Thanks!