How do I add Sky?

Received my Sky (yipee!) but when trying to add a Station in the app and get to the screen to Enter Hub Serial Number and I type the 4 digits exactly as labeled on the bottom of the Hub and hit Next I get Device Not Found - Be sure hub has power (it does) and check the serial number. (I have a dozen times!!)

Bluetooth is working well from my Android phone and the data from my Air station is reporting (even approaching lighting is giving me alerts).

I have power cycled the hub a number of times and closed and opened the App as well.

I have run out of options…

Hang about! Are you trying to add a Sky to your current station OR are you adding a second station with a new Hub?

Just trying to add the Sky

Go into the application,

Press the Gear icon in the top left corner.
Press Stations
Press the Station you created
Press Manage Devices
Press +

Thanks so much!

I was missing the step “Press the Station you created”

Well, I thought I was past the main hurdle I had created for myself…

The Sky was flashing a green light on the bottom when I first installed the batteries but now when I redid the batteries (correctly) I get one flash of blue light and a green light for 5 seconds and then nothing.

So, when I now try to add the Sky in the app, after naming it and putting in the height and click Save I get “Error syncing data”

The light is actually a button. Press and hold it until its starts flashing slowly. Then add the device.

Thanks for the info on the button however, when I press and hold it starts flashing green rapidly and when I release it starts flashing slowly (as it should) but when I add the device it flashes rapidly again a few times and I get the Error syncing again…

What is your station number?

If you’re referring to my Station ID it is KALLILLI7

It will be a 4 digit number.

The number on the Sky is 4611

What is your Hub serial number?

The hub serial no is 4492

It looks like your station ID is 1580 and the station name is GreenHaven. Is that correct?

That is correct -----

Okay. I wanted to make sure your Hub is updated to the latest firmware. It is at 47 so that is not the issue.

When you press the + then you press Sky what happens next?

It brings up another page with SKY (4611)
When I click on that it takes me to the page where I give it a Name and then add the Height
and then click Save at the bottom

And that’s when I get the Error syncing data

That’s what it should do. But then it fails. Is that correct?