Error syncing data

Hi, I am trying to set up the app and I can not synch the hub. I keep getting error syching data. I can add the name and height and keep getting the error synching data. I have rebooted the hub and rebooted the phone and deleted and readded the app. It was flashing green but I just rechecked and had a red light that went to a blue light while I was watching. Now it is a solid green light.

first ever setup ??
Android or iOS ? Some andoids are know to be nasty with moment

in case here a detailed page with instructions that might help

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Hi Eric,

Thank you for the reply.

I think the 1st problem I have on my initial Android set up is do I input the 4 digit serial number or the whole number listed on the web site.

I just have 0000 now and I can not get back to the input screen to change that.

Again, thank you, Michael

Hello Michael, sorry to ask, but can you elaborate this part you wrote … normally each device has a serial somewhere that you enter while pairing each device (hub first) when you connect to them via Bluetooth… hence why I don’t understand the webpage ???

The air and the wind sensors show the 4 digit numbers in the app. The hub show 0000. Originally I imputed the 3349 but now that section does not come up.

I’m not on Android but logically you should first setup and have the hub running. All other sky and air parts have to link to the hub …

Maybe just erase all and start clean over again. Take all the batteries out and only have the hub powered (after you reset it via a long push on the led), then via bluetooth (using your android phone and the wf app) get it to talk to the internet (wifi network) and only if that is ok add the other devices …

With both devices unpowered, the green light flashing and the blue light on steady, on the add device screen, the hub shows 0000. Don’t I have to put in the 4 digit serial number? It shows 0000 for the hub. Isn’t that why I am getting a synch error?

Delete the current Station and start over.

You can also reset the Hub by placing a paperclip in the hole by the USB slot. Hold the button on for five seconds.

I have solid green lights now. Nothing seems to happen when they are pushed. I did pull the plug to reboot the hub.

Thank you. How do you delete the current station. Michael

In the Application, delete the Air and Sky. Then delete the station.

Press the Gear icon in the upper left corner. Then press Stations, press the Station. Press Manage Devices, Left swipe each device to delete it. Then return to Stations and left swipe the station to delete it.

Next, reset the Air and Sky by pressing and holding the button (where the LED is) for 5 seconds. Then insert a paper clip to reset the Hub in the small hole above the LED on the Hub.

The paper clip worked. I had no idea that was a hole! Still getting the synch error. Just don’t know how to delete the account. Thank you, M

Follow the instructions above.

Hi Gary,

When I open the app it goes directly to the Power Device page.

The only choices on that page is the back arrow and next.

Click on next and it is the add device page and shows the hub with 0000.

Tap on the the hub 0000 symbol and comes to the device page to add the name, added back yard, environment is outside and added 5.0’ for height.

Tap on save and goes back to power device page.

And error synching data came up.

Have the solid blue and flashing green lights in the hub.

There is no menu symbol on the 2 pages or so in the app.

Can the station be deleted online in the web site? If so, please send the link.

Thank you, Michael

It also has a steady green light on know. M

Upload a screenshot so I can see what the application shows.

M Finkel

The second screen shows an Air with a bad serial number. Press and hold the LED light on the Air until it flashes Green. Then click on Add Device.

There are no batteries in either unit. One of the earlier emails said to set up the hub 1st.
I am really confused now.

I thought the second screenshot showed the hub?

M Finkel

It looks like your Hub is already setup.