Trouble setting up

Hi all,
We have the Air device working along with the hub, but I’m having trouble with the Sky.
The app cannot find the device.
Upon putting in the batteries (energiser ultimate lithium, as recommended), the light flashes blue once, green once, stays on green for around 3 seconds, then goes off and I can get no further response.
I have tried -
-restarting the hub
-restarting the app
-app on android as opposed to iPhone
-fresh batteries
-taking the batteries out and putting them back in
Any help gratefully received :slight_smile:

Reset the Sky by holding in the LED button for 5 seconds. Then try again.


Aha, got it, thank you (didn’t realise the led was a button lol)

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Took us also some time the first time to figure that out :wink:

You finally linked the Sky ?

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