New user - Can not connect to hub

Hi - kinda bummed. Been trying to set up my Tempest but can’t get connected to the hub. I plug in the hub the blue light comes on for 5 secs and cylces off. When I start the set up in the app it can’t find the hub. I tried this is a number of locates to avoid other blue tooth devices and still no luck.

Seems to cycle blue light on 5 secs, off 12 and on for 3.

I tried to hold down the reset button but can’t seem to feel like anything is being pushed down, should I feel a button in there or make a click?

Thanks for your help, have a email into support but want to play with my new toy!

there is a tiny hole just above the LED on the hub. behind the hole is the reset button.
Try to find other bluetooth devices in your neighborhood (tablet, laptop etc) and turn bluetooth on those off.

seems you fixed since I see it online.

Was a stuck reset button. Got it working… Thank you