Unable to Connect Tempest to Hub

Hey all,

Looking for some help here. Finally got my Tempest after dealing with Bulgarian customs. Was hoping for a smooth set up but sadly not that lucky.

No matter what I do and how many times I try I cannot get the Tempest to pair with the hub. Now to give you some background, I’m a software engineer so I wouldn’t be writing you if I hadn’t been sitting here for hours, turning devices on and off, removing and re adding the hub, uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Trying to reset the hub, trying to reset the tempest and trying different placements around the house.

No matter what combination I try the Hub will not find the Tempest.

I have been thru all the help docs and advanced help docs, moved the tempest as close as possible, then incrementally away. Plugged the hub in different rooms (testing interference from other smart devices) nothing.

As far as I can tell the tempest is charged and is currently sitting out in the sun again today to make sure.

The hub is online and reporting. Anyone got ideas.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Jared,
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Sorry I do not have a clear answer because it sounds like you have already tried all the suggestions.
One issue I had was when the App was looking for the Tempest trying to find it to add it that I did not hold the Tempest reset button long enough. I think it needs to be held down at least 10 seconds to get the flashing light on the Tempest.
Another issue might be bluetooth interference.
Otherwise I can only repeat all the suggestions that you must have already tried.
Best of luck Ian :slight_smile:

Hi Ian,

Yeah tried all of the above - inc where the Tempest flashes fast green after reset. I just tested the idea of it being a phone issue and had a spare blank phone lying around with nothing attached to it and tried that - same issue.

Here is the station hub up and running without the Tempest of course

Going to followup on this in the hopes support sees it as no one is responding to my tickets. One odd behavior on teh Tempest, is taht according to the docs after 15min even if the unit is on the slow green flashing light should stop. This is not the case for my unit.

Its like it is stuck in pair mode and remains that way with continuous slow green blinking.

Im referring to their help docs at the bottom with regards to LED lights

I have same problem as Jared.

Mika S.

@jared.kiwiot and @mika.a.salonen : technicians are looking into it. You’ll get some return hopefully soon.

same problem here. can you maybe push newer firmware (like field-test v154 or such)? My HUB id is 2729. thanks

Added to the list to check.

For everyone, can you please state what you tried in a few words before adding ‘me too’ … sometimes there is another problem that can be solved between us. Thanks


Saw there was a firmware update on my Hub this morning (v158). Station ID 32650

  • Cycled the power on it
  • Reset the Tempest (holding button till quick flashing) tries to connect, still hangs.
  • Turned Tempest completely off and tried again letting the app try several times no luck.

Technicians did do something though I have no return on what (they are sleeping right now) On paper you should be able to link the Tempest now

Did you try a very long push on the led (more than 10 seconds on average), this will force it to do a full reset, not just a reboot.

Thank you eric, we appreciate your help!
And sorry for the “me too” posting.

To be more constuctive:

  • I am willing to contribute work to help with troubleshooting, just let me know how I can help (pulling debugging/logging info etc.)
  • I have tried everything listed in the troubleshooting guide plus all the other suggestions like longer button press on tempest, wait for sw update on the hub and such

My current state is:

  • Station Id is: 32819, HUB Id is: HB-00018419, Tempest Id is: 2729
  • Got the SW Update to v158 tonight as well
  • With FW 158, I tried to connect Hub to Tempest, inkl poweroff, long press, short press etc.
  • Still no luck

So again, I am willing to help, just let me know how I can contribute.

I had the same issue. I contacted the support and was told the Hub was operating with a wrong radio frequency. They changed it over the air and now it connects as expected! So I guess it is the same issue with your devices.

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I don’t know what have been done, but my station connects to hub this morning (local time). And now working fine.

Thanks to someone!

OK. Well hopefully when I am home tomorrow I will also be able to have success. Its been 2 days and support have not replied to the support tickets I started btw - so hope they are too busy fixing it to reply

Your hub has been modified and should be accepting the Tempest. But I see your hub is offline now.

It’s online but I’m not home so I will have to test tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

thanks eric, appreciate your help!

After I got home last night I switched on the hub again, but I could not get it to connect, even after you made some modifications.
Then I let it sit over night and hoped I would receive new SW again, but I am still on v158 and still can’t get it to connect.

I will leave to hub switched on today so you guys can give it another try with the sw or other modified parameters.

Anything else I can do? Pull debugging logs? Officially contact support?

thanks and tty soon

No luck. My tempest still has the same issue - will not pair

Let’s try one more thing

@jared.kiwiot @ok1: your hubs have been modified and we are sure they are in the correct region. Can you both do 2 things one after the other and then try one last time to pair Tempest with hub

first do a full radio reset of the hub as described in this topic (radio is not wifi, but the radio link to the Tempest)


Once done, do once more a full reset of the Tempest via a long press on the led (more tan 10 seconds).

Once both done try to pair them. If this doesn’t work there isn’t more we can do and you’ll have to open a ticket with support explaining all that has been done already. And my best guess you’ll have to get a full new set.

But I honestly hope this will do it

Thanks, but no luck :frowning:

Oh this is so frustrating, something that should just work out of the box doesn’t, and there is nothing I can do…

eric, thanks for the help, I will contact support now.

best regards