Hub broken: contact support

Over the last few years, my hub has been getting more and more flaky. It would often stop working for no apparent reason, the led’s would either all be on together or not at all and it would have to be reset EVERY time the wifi went down for any reason at all.

Often I would need to leave it for 12 or so hours after this before it could be found again by the app to put in the wifi password again.

The wifi went off two days ago (due to a power outage) and now its totally broken.

I have reset it, power cycled it, waited, and nothing. The app simply can’t find it.

The led does come on blue for the bluethooth connection, but as I look at it now, it is totally off.

Where too from here, pretty uselessness system without a way to connect to it.


I would say use the link at the top of the page and submit a support ticket and reference this topic.

Done… thank you for the suggestion.