Issues adding Sky - "error syncing data"

Just received my Sky unit and having issues adding it through the app. It finds the device fine, but when I input the name/location/height and hit save, I get “error syncing data” message and the device is not added. I have reset it a couple of times, unplugged the hub and tried re-adding, but I continue the get the same result.

Any ideas?

make sure that you have latest update of the app to setup the Sky smoothly.

also if you take too long to go through everthing and then to click on save, I think this can happen
you can do back end edit details after

Reloading the app fixed the issue. Thanks :smiley:

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Same issue. Have the latest updates. Restarted app. Rebooted sky. No luck.

Ok, I uninstalled the WeatherFlow software. Re added it and it worked.

App v4.6.72, Android Samsung Tab A with bluetooth and location on, Tempest serial 4395, Hub 6851.
I am trying to add the Tempest to the hub.
The App connects to the hub with bluetooth and the led is blue.
I go into station, add device, touch + to add the Tempest and I turn on the tempest which flashes green. The App finds the Tempest 4395. I touch the button with 4395 written in it to confirm device. But it then sends an error message as shown in the attached file ‘error saving device 324-08 dismiss’.

And another pop up ‘error syncing data’.
I tried again twice more but still does it.
I removed my bluetooth watch from the area, still does it.
I have now left the Tempest in the sun to ensure it is fully charged…So then I searched the forum and found this: Issues adding Sky - "error syncing data" - #3 by weather-display
I uninstalled the App and reinstalled it. Still same problem. Restarted tablet. Rebooted hub. turned off the Tempest.
Start App, allow access to device location. Settings, Stations, Select the hub, manage devices And unexpectedly it is there! But there are no readings in the weather page but just a bluetooth symbol. So I turn off tempest for 12 seconds. Still nothing displayed from that Tempest on web page or the App. So I slide the Tempest from the edit devices page. then + to add again. This time when I add it it works.
I will add this experience to the mentioned forum topic. This call can be closed, thanks for listening :slight_smile: cheers Ian

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