Can't connect to hub (for new Sky)


Just received one of my Sky’s. Have 2 Air and to Hubs. Trying to add station, but iphone and ipad ap can’t connect to hub for the station add. But can see data find for the Air’s that are connected. Hub light is green until I open ap, then turns Blue. Color stays blue during station add. Any ideas?

If both Hubs are at the same location, only have the one you want to configure powered up. So always unplug one of the Hub units.

Other Hub unplugged. Hub see data from configured Air, but can’t connect to Hub to add
Sky. msg says, “No Hub detected”. Light stays Blue through the process.

How are you adding the Sky to the Hub?

(+) in "Managing Stations


Go into the station that has the Air and press Manage Devices to add a new device.

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ok, tried that and think I’m now connected! thanks!

Congratulations and welcome to the club.

Thanks… data coming in looks ok… good test coming tonight with high chance of showers and thunderstorms, and wind should be picking up with Low developing off VA coast. Will be all set when the 2nd Sky arrives!

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@cherring16 Good to hear you’re up and running. BTW, it’s rare to run two HUBs at the same physical location as each HUB can support upto ~20 sensor devices. For example, you can run both or your AIRs plus your SKYs all on the same HUB. So go ahead and locate your other HUB at your beach house in Maui. :wink:

You ran into two issues. 1) when you have two HUBs in the same physical location, they compete for the new sensor devices, and more importantly 2) You were trying to add a Station / HUB when all you really needed was to add a device to your existing Station / HUB as @GaryFunk noted. Don’t fret, you’re all good now.

yes, plan is to get both set up, then move one Hub/Sky/Air combo to another location (once I receive the 2nd Sky).