Air, sky data backfill station id5073 UK


Last night the wife accidentally switched off the hub and I did not notice until 8 am this morning.

Naturally I switched it back on again knowing it would backfill the data from both air and sky. I had previously read both air and sky kept data for 24 hours minimum - Is this correct.?

As it happened the hub backfilled to 5 am today and therefore I have a chunk of data missing from 8pm on 31st August through to 5 am.1st Sept.
All times are UK
Is it possible to fill in the gaps?
It is now 1pm on the 1st September and nothing else seems to have populated for the missing period :frowning:


Normally, yes the data should be backfilled.
Please, let us know your stations ID to have a look onto.

Thank you for the prompt reply.

Station id 5073

According to this post from David

It seems you will stay with a gab.

As I can’t see the one minute data for the hub offline time any more I could not verify in detail if every thing went as described above.
Could you post a picture of your stations status page ?

Thanks for that.
I always thought it was the air and sky that kept a decent amount of data, just in case, obviously wrong. :frowning:

Oh well, that’s life :slight_smile:

I will have to put big sticker on plug.

Sticker is a good idea.

Glue is a different. :rofl:

Or put a mobile phone external charger battery pack between power plug and the Hub just in case :wink:

Its positioned in the gym so I can see the green light from the house in order that I confirm its online at night.

Normal routine was different that night otherwise I would have caught it immediately.

Wife now knows :slight_smile:

sticker it is

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