Rebooting the WF station

Hi I just wanted to make sure I understand, is there anyway to reboot the WF station remotely? My station is mounted on my roof about 8ft up and its a little hard to get to it. The station stopped sending data yesterday afternoon. The hub is connected to WIFI and Bluetooth. Im not too sure what’s up, I did send in a ticket about the problem. (very strange)

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You did right to open a ticket

Once the Tempest isn’t responding there is no way to reboot it remotely as it won’t get the order … I did reboot your hub in case but that seems not to have solved it.The hub only needs to be linked to wifi once you finished installing, no need to keep bluetooth going.

Sorry we can’t help more from our desk.

Ok, Thank you so much for trying to help me…I really appreciate it! :slight_smile:

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Hi Eric, my tempest did come back online last night, but it is reporting no data other than lightning. It says all of the other sensors have failed. Any ideas on that? I haven’t heard anything back from support yet.

I rebooted your device and sensors are back but the voltage is low … I hope you will get some nice sun today and hopefully it will charge.

At actual level data won’t be coming in at the usual rate.

Thank you so much Eric, everything is working normal now. I appreciate your help very much…Have a great day!

Have monitored your Tempest for a few hours regarding charging versus solar radiation.

I hope you ticket is still active, because I think it isn’t charging properly. Might mention that to CS so they can have a look too. Wouldn’t be surprised somewhere during the night it goes offline again.

Ok, yes the ticket is still open, I sent it a couple days ago but I have not heard anything back from them… Thank you for letting me know this as I will let them know once they contact me.

HI Eric, CS did reach out to me an here is what they had to say.

Thanks for writing in. I checked out your station from earlier this week and I’m honestly not 100% sure why Tempest went offline. Battery voltage was perfectly fine before and after it, signal strength is also great. For now keep an eye on it, something like that shouldn’t happen frequently.

Then I sent them a reply back and this what they said…

I do see that it’s sitting around 2.4 to 2.45 V range recently; my rule of thumb is if the voltage is above 2.4 V I’m happy (Tempest will cutoff around 2.33 V). Of course before the outage your Tempest’s voltage was higher around 2.55 to 2.7 V, but let’s give it the weekend to see how it does.

Just touching base to let you know what they said…


Feeling your pain. Got mine 3 weeks ago and battery voltage has dropped every day since installed. We have had plenty of sunshine and Tempest gets no shade. Opened ticket a couple days ago and haven’t heard anything yet.

It may take them a few days to get back with you, but they always do and they have really good customer service… my voltage still has not gone above 2.45…