Battery and Connectivity Issues

My Tempest keeps having issues with charging and doesn’t seem to charge much throughout the day in full sun. In addition, after about a week, my hub resets and goes to bluetooth mode and is unable to upload data. This is the second time the station dropped and the hub has gone back into bluetooth. Has anyone else noticed this?

It will only show Bluetooth if a phone or tablet is connected via Bluetooth.

The Tempest, unlike Sky, seems to not charge every day - mine initially didn’t charge for the first 5 days or so, and I was concerned it might be defective. But then once it fell below some certain voltage, it charged back up fully again. This repeats every 3-4 days now. I assume it’s normal behavior. Give yours a few days and see if it doesn’t behave the same way. I suspect that the WF staff will jump in and comment shortly too.

Here is a thread from dsj (WF Staff) posted on or about the 21st of May:

I’ve signed up to be a “Field Tester” for one of these power boosters. . .but haven’t heard back on that yet.

That’d be very nice, I was eyeing the UART on the bottom of the tempest