Any Updates on Tempest

I know i maybe being a pest, but ju sc t excited over the new Tempest. Is it getting close to being available to the public. Any dates on when we can buy. Do current owners get first chance to buy at a reduced rate. Ive seen different dates on delivery. Is it March or April or sooner


Thanks for asking and happy to hear you are as excited as we are!

We’ll have a better idea on retail launch dates and ‘upgrade’ offers closer to when the campaigns on Indiegogo and Kickstarter are completed and backer orders are fulfilled. Estimated delivery window for backers begins in April. We will need some time to stock inventory for direct sales in our online shop as well as provide stock for the Amazon sales channel.

Current WeatherFlow Smart Weather station owners will most likely be directed to place orders from our online shop so we can provide and keep track of any upgrade/trade-in discounts. Anyone who had completed an application to be a field tester for the Tempest will be eligible to pre-order the Tempest when we are ready to accept pre-orders (likely to be around the time of backer pledge fulfillment).


Hello. So your saying current owners who will receive a reduced rate, will have to wait for new owners to get there tempest first, then current owners are next in line. So its looking like the current owners wanting the tempest will have to wait till may to june to receive their tempest. Bit disappointed for the wait, however still excited

The wait may not be as long especially if we are on top of ordering and re-stocking. However, we do have a priority obligation to fulfill 5,080 backer orders as of now.

We promise to do our best to launch the Tempest system on retail outlets as soon as possible. Can’t thank you and others enough for your support.


Just go to Kickstarter and be a backer and get one earlier. Saving vs patience. The backer levels established are not bad either.

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Remember the Kickstarter backers are “funding” the manufacture of the Tempest and they should get it first. I was one of the original backers for the original Weatherflow on Kickstarter so I know what its like to wait. Ive got two Air’s and a Sky and I too can’t wait to add a Tempest to the gang but all good things come to those who wait.


Hello - so should I become a kickstarter funder ?? – I bought 2 sky and 2 airs — how much of a discount will I receive ?? – is it worth it just to pay full price - just to get it sooner . How much will it be discounted ?? – I already have the hub — would only need the tempest – for me it depends on what discount they are giving

Kickstarter campaign is finished since quite some time. There is alternative going on Indiegogo Just go read over there the different options you have.

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The Kickstarter offer ended back in early December.

There is an Indiegogo campaign still running, but for later delivery:

From the Kickstarter FAQ:

Screen Shot 2020-02-03 at 12.16.52 PM

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