All I want for Christmas is

First post so see how we go.
Only had my Tempest up for less than a week but a few things I’d like to see in a next iteration of updates;

Bird spikes - good to see old WW2 tank traps being recycled into what can only be described as a ‘Crown Of Thorns’ however I’d question the efficacy of sticking them in a rubber band & stretching that over the unit as a long term solution. No idea of the UV stability of the rubber but here in Aus it’ll get hammered.
Maybe the next Tempest can have small holes moulded into the rain sensor perimeter to mount these &, better yet, make the spikes of a thinner material (like another PWS I have!)

APP Features

  1. Being able to add other Tempest locations to my map as faves & not have them disappear when I close it. Be awesome to be able to just click on a saved location.
  2. Being able to minimise the forecasting ‘page’. So far the AI has yet to get up to speed & indicates incorrect data - maybe a minimising feature that’s time based? Say 60 day increments so the unit can ‘learn’ where it is.
  3. Being able to personalise what goes on the ‘card’ page by adding or removing data streams.
  4. Collecting data streams onto 1 graph, makes referencing when events occur easier.

Customer Service
Bottle it & send it to a few other organisations, it’s brilliant! If the level of customer service I’ve received so far is any indication then these guys will do well. So far REALLY impressed.

Stay safe!