Haptic Rain Sensor

Hey guys, my new Tempest is up and running and all is working well EXCEPT the rain sensor (and some minor lightning strike issues). We had a series of light rain showers move through today and I didn’t get any alerts, and total rain says NONE. Other units in the area detected a small amount, even if it wasn’t enough to register quantity. I see others have had issues, and I’ll wait and see what happens in a heavier storm, but curious about others experiences. Thanks!

Bit early for the server to analyse your data this fine. It has picked up your Tempest and is looking at it but is not applying any adjustments yet as the data is not reliable for now.
Let it run a week or so and see if gets better.

Quick update, rain sensor is working great now during heavier storm. I think the light showers earlier in the day just weren’t enough to set off the alerts.

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