Zero rain sensing on my new Tempest

I installed my new Tempest last week and everything has been working great except for the rain sensor. I’m getting nothing out of it even in heavy rain. We’ve had 14mm of rain in the last two days and my Tempest hasn’t registered a single drop. No accumulation, no rain alerts, nothing. This isn’t a case of bad or poor rain accumulation data - this is a case of zero rain data at all. I’ve read a few topics about the haptic rain sensor but nothing seems close to the symptoms I’m seeing on my device.
This is my station :
For reference, this Tempest is about 2 miles from me and has registered all the rain in the last couple of days where mine has registered nothing :

The battery is at 2.5v so it should have all sensors running. The Tempest is on a 12ft pole above my garage with clear air all around. Even the ‘rain check’ says it’s not rained.
What gives? This replaced my old Davis Vantage Vue which was accurate to within a mm for rain and it’s been a disappointing start that the Tempest doesn’t seem to react at all to rain.
Note : if I tap the pole hard enough, I get an instantaneous “it’s raining” notification on my phone but it has to be a pretty hard whack on the pole to get that to happen.

Something doesn’t sound right, that’s for sure. You should submit a support ticket, links above, to have WF take a look.

Sorry the Tempest isn’t working as expected. We just had a look and indeed something is weird

Can you open a ticket with support (mention this topic) and they will help you out as fast as they can.

Eric - I had a ticket in already to support at so I’ve replied to that ticket with a link to this topic. FYI It’s raining pretty hard here right now and you can see that other tempest in the neighbourhood is registering and mine is not.

Now the hardest part, wait till they reach your ticket number. Support is still swamped. They are hiring but it takes time …
Hopefully soon.

Mine is even worse…I got 4.75" of rain less than a foot from the tempest which showed 0.

It worked at first but seems to stop recording rain about 2 weeks ago… I did just submit a support email request.

Welcome to the Weatherflow community dberg1,

Your station has another problem, it sees hardly any sun and is discharging slowly and is at 2.35V and because of this it is power saving mode to the point rain detection is disabled

Is our station in a shaded area ? If so time to find a better spot as it will soon go offline altogether.

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I know for sure that’s not the issue with mine. It’s in bright sunshine from about 8am to about 9pm right now. No shade to speak of.

Just so you know, @eric was responding @dberg1. It is @dberg1 station that isn’t charging. Hopefully WF gets to your ticket soon.

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