4 Months in and I'm loving my Sky and Air!

I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank all involved for producing a top shelf product. Everything works exactly as advertised, setup was stupid easy and because of the API and a skilled plugin creator, I was able to easily integrate the data in to my Homeseer home automation software. Great job everyone!!!



Totally agree. Awesome pieces of hardware, powerful and nice-looking. Really enjoying mine, now I’m leveraging on the first six month of data to practice with R and produce statistics. Kudos to the team for their fantastic job!


I have only had my kit for a few days but am really impressed. I am looking forward to our first rain event in a month to calibrate the haptic sensor. This morning I had the absolute pleasure of seeing the dew point and temp graphs converge and snapped this pic from my security cam, :smile: the fog also lifted as the readings diverged… Priceless


I really cant see another place to post this so here it is… I have only had the kit for a bit over a week, there are a few small issues with the kit but basically every question I have asked has been answered honestly and quickly by either the forum or WF,
The lightning sensor has performed very well,I did orientate my device with the WF logo facing due West (where most of our storms originate) , The Ultrasonics have been great, I did have the luck to see a lot of variance in wind direction in the first few days,but very nice. The Rain sensor, well I was freaking a bit when I saw the card report "Extreme " in the first event, but that did not affect the actual reported rainfall- very close to reported values locally.
There is no doubt there are going to be learning curves and surprises , but when I look at the data I have accumulated over the last week or so , I am really happy- More to the point, the community here has been just awesome in trying to share and help.
Here for the long haul,
Thanks to you all.