My Review: I am greatly impressed!

I recently got the new Tempest WeatherFlow system as a gift for Christmas, and I am impressed with its accuracy and the customization of the system. The one part of the system that impresses me is the sonic anemometer. Compared to my former array, it would need the momentum of 0.9 mph to register, and this new array, NOTHING! The pressure sensor is spot on and the lightning sensor works great! A couple of weeks ago, we had a instance of thundersnow. The lightning detector registered the CTG strike and reported the strike 9-11 miles away. The strike was 10 miles away. The API impresses me even more! I’ve got the station reporting to Weather Underground (KTNCHURC26). The set up was a breeze. I am hoping for the ability to be able to stream the data to PWSWeather in the near future.

The ability to have alerts when lightning is detected and when the station detects rain is amazing! I am more than pleased with the product!.


Welcome to the community, Eli.

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Thank you! I’m excited to see what is in store!

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