Tempest Shipping Progress

This was a BIG week, marked by the beginning of fulfillment for the Tempest Weather System to our US-based Kickstarter backers. To date we’ve sent shipping confirmation surveys to 1000+ backers, with 450+ Tempests shipped.

The plan is to survey backers in manageable groups so we can ship as quickly as possible with little wait time after surveys are completed. Once you complete your survey, you can expect your package to ship within a few days to a week. All orders destined for Canada will be shipped from Daytona Beach to our shipping & logistics partner in early-mid June, allowing orders to arrive to our Canadian backers, with duties and taxes prepaid, shortly thereafter.

Tempest Complete Systems bound for countries outside of North America will begin shipping midsummer 2020, as the required radio testing & certification process has been slowed due to the pandemic. Likewise, we have been forced to delay opening our international shipping and logistics centers. We want our international backers to have the worry-free delivery experience we promised, which means a fully certified device arriving with duties and taxes prepaid. Pro Hub systems, (Tempest Remote System and Storm & Fire Ready Kit) will be delayed until late summer due to production limitations. We will have a more precise timeline as we get more information.

We are here if you need anything. We will provide weekly shipping updates to keep you in the loop as to our progress.


I had gotten the email questionnaire about a week ago and filled it out immediately. I still haven’t gotten any shipment indication despite today’s email saying once you fill out the survey you should get shipping within days to a week. Is this normal?

Try registering at backerkit.com and you might be able to see your current shipping status there. Good luck!

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I just clicked on the same email survey that had been sent and the USPS tracking code was in there.

Could you folks check if I’m on the list? I’ve not received the survey. I have an email that says I’m backer number 93.


Edit: Survey came today. Thank you!

I did this and found out that my Tempest is arriving Monday! Thanks for the info!!

So glad this worked out for you! I’m sitting at home anxiously awaiting for mine to arrive today.

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I have to add myself to the list of folks who have not yet received the shipping email. My pledge was collected on 12/5/19. Any help would be appreciated. :relaxed:

I’m really getting annoyed with the Tempest backer project (not the fault of WF). I filled out the questionnaire a week ago for shipping and still haven’t gotten a shipping notice. I followed a link suggested in one of the threads here and found myself locked out. I emailed Backerkit Backer Support for a password change and they gave me a link saying it looked like I never filled out the survey…but I definitely did. When I followed their link, I was still locked out.

This is a bit ridiculous.

contact support via the ticketing system. They might help you out if the other systems ‘fails’
Give them the necessary details to find your order.

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Thanks Eric, will do.

So us outside the USA have been kicked in the ass, we may not get ours till next year? Pretty poor.

Have you read all the updates from WeatherFlow, both here and on Kickstarter/Indiegogo? Are you aware there are different regulations between countries for radio transmitting devices? What about the global pandemic affecting production? Are you really thinking WeatherFlow is imposing the delays on purpose?


No, I am aware of the virus holdups, but for us outside the usa it keeps getting put back. Would be surprised if we see it this side of Xmas and for us are very vague as to release date other than saying mid Summer which are almost there.

No confirmed date for us.

As for radio regulations I have the first gen weatherflow sky and air and working with usa radio frequency here and causing no issues. The usa frequency is accually I think superior? Would not worry me if I had one with usa frequency as it still works fine and had no issues

If the USA frequency isn’t legal in your country for such a device WF could get into trouble from your government. Shipping is also an issue. Some countries aren’t letting non-essential shipments in. There are a whole host of issues that have come up outside of WeatherFlow’s control. Maybe read all their updates and you’ll not feel so slighted.

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Not so strict here which is why a us weatherflow is fine. There are others here and would be using usa frequencies also. Dont know why they could not have made weatherflow with swictable frequency switch or within the app. Then would not need to make different versions with different frequencies and would have speed up things.

Have often got gear from overseas using usa frequencies like rc drones and all work fine. The usa frequency used is better anyway.

It is not just to make it switchable or not. As far I know the radio in the Tempest can do all frequencies and just needs to be set during calibration.
The problem is that de device needs to be certified in your region and that certification process took several weeks with the pandemic. Many public services are still in lockdown or are just coming out of it. Weatherflow can’t push it trough quicker than the certification services go true the process.

And for your region the services are also working remotely and there is delay as essential equipment is prioritised : https://www.rsm.govt.nz/business-individuals/supplier-compliance/steps/

Weatherflow is on it but they can’t go faster. And sending non approved radio emitting devices will get them in trouble. If it is one or two for testing, sure it’ll pass but not when you start to send out several hundreds … patience … I also have to wait several months


Like I said we will be lucky to see any this side of Xmas. Nothing in concrete as any re release dates for us outside the usa. I personally think anyone outside the usa wont get anything till late January 2021,? Early Feb 2021. Mid summer coming up so no definite release date means you dont know yourselves. Been no new updates concerning us outside the usa but just vague release date.

Of course they will work fine. That’s not the issue. The problem is that different parts of the frequency spectrum are reserved for different functions in different countries. As @eric said, WeatherFlow simply cannot ship a product that doesn’t comply with national regulations.

Either way, WeatherFlow has stated that international shipping will start from midsummer

As this is a weather community, meteorological midsummer is mid-July - just under two months away. Keep your patience.