Tempest Field Tester beta program

Announcing the Tempest Field Tester program. The cost is $89, which includes the following:

  • Early release beta pre-production devices (Tempest + HUB).
  • Limited Edition WeatherFlow hoodie
  • Limited Edition WeatherFlow Yeti mug
  • Discount coupon to purchase one production Tempest System for $149 (includes HUB).
  • 20% discount on any WeatherFlow products for one year
  • Field Tester credentials & badging on WF Community Forum

This IS for you if : You’re a weather enthusiast looking to be part of the cutting edge. You’re willing to help us put our new products through the paces and to provide constructive feedback. You generally understand closed beta programs and know how to filter your public commentary accordingly. Finally, you own a smart phone or tablet running either iOS 9+ or Android 4.3+

>> Click here to Apply Now << .

We’re looking for up to 100 field testers in the contiguous United States. We’ll be taking applications now through November 20. Once the application period closes, you’ll receive an email with more instructions. There is no cost to apply.

What to expect : This is a closed field test of pre-production hardware and alpha-level software. Above all, expect there to be glitches. It’s also likely that the pre-production hardware you receive during the field test period will cease to function once we go into production.

This IS NOT for you if : You’re just looking for a good deal or early access. If that’s your jam, you’re better off pre-ordering on Kickstarter. Again, this field test program is limited to the US-only purely for logistical reasons (shipping, customs, etc) during the testing phase.


Shame it is US only, but I have to say that is a damn good initiative - hats off to you guys for embracing the community and making such a good offer!


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Hats off to the WF development team. In this day and age the next generation product must be in the pipeline. Testing in a mesoscale and synoptic environment is also mission critical. Looking forward to seeing the Tempest evolve in every way shape or form.


Agreed, this is a great way to test the new platform / hardware as well as get the WF community involved. I purchased one of the current units last week and I’m looking forward to comparing the data with it to the RM Young sensors currently mounted to a mobile observation platform. I’m very excited to see the results and how the new unit functions in the field. Being able to see surface observations through the online network is remarkable. WF has essentially set up their own mesonet network throughout the country and globe.

I looked at the observations of North Dallas sensors a couple weeks ago as the EF3 Dallas tornado passed by the sensors. Pretty cool results.


This great. Not sure if it hampered the campaign though. I think a few people who signed up here are waiting for an answer before grabbing a deal on ks. Figuring the coupon off production was a better buy than on ks.

I did grab a SEB deal ks but may change it to the one thats remote cellular if the plan will be verified ok in Canada and what it costs after the 2 years. Depending on that answer, two of them might be in the future. Not sure what the savings is on those from later retail would be though. But if you want me to be a field tester for a cell version, i would likely put it at maple point, Manitoulin Island. I have another site in mind up on a hill on a separate property I have.
But yes I’m using a US address for shipping as before with gen1.

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I have to ask this question. Besides integrating Air and Sky in to one unit, what has changed? Are there improved sensors, improve reliability (Air and Sky have been very reliable). Other than getting something new and shiny, is it worth the additional investment.

Hope this does not come off as a negative post, because that is not how I intend it, Just need to justify the expense.

Just don’t confuse the mug for the tempest unit… When I installed my sky I was asked why I put a coffee cup up where the weather station was :slight_smile:


On October 12th, I set up the WeatherFlow Smart Home Weather Station. I am a meteorologist and considering participating in the Beta Field Test program. Will the Beta equipment interfere in any way with the real-time data collection from my WFSKY-01 and WFAIR-01?

I highly doubt it. I have two stations: one permanent, one for mobile use. The permanent one has two SKY units attached and the mobile one goes with me when I go camping in my RV. The only thing I have to do is power off one of the hubs while setting up the other one. Since both the AIR and SKY have a little on board memory, when the hub is powered back on it gets the missed data so nothing is lost.

Highly unlikely. We operate and test dozens of HUBs side-by-side in our offices everyday. And, you can literally run the new Tempest device on your existing HUB…so we think you’re good. But, that’s why we test!

PS - thanks for offering to test!

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Hi @ordnance1 . iPhone 11 > iPhone 12. Similar functionality, updated hardware with lots of performance refinements, continuously improving software for all. No “need” to upgrade, unless you really like new and shiny. :wink:

I’m sorry that means absolutely nothing to me, although you’ve used the term more than once.

Let me ask a more closed ended question. Is it believed that the different gasket will let you dial-up the sensitivity tuning of the rain sensor and therefore (hopefully) read very light misty rain better ? Or is it more intended to isolate from false rain on vibration ? Or both ?

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Both. Plus other enhancements we haven’t told you about. :thinking:

I love the whole idea and the ability to help make it a great product. You guys have been very responsive and helpful with everything about the AIR/SKY. I like that you integrated a radiation shield too. I never got that to my satisfaction with the AIR.

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Would you kindly clarify the other enhancements. I believe this would fully answer the question.

Thank you,


Yes, once we are confident in the technology/approach we’ll let you know. Talking about stuff too early can only get us in trouble.


Agree with Dave but can understand why not Europe. Pity!!! :frowning:

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Because this is gonna cost you a lot of money if things fail or must replace during test , I was a field tester for the solarenergy Weatherflow send me it for free but I had to pay for customfees and taxes 25 EURO aprox 28 USdollar , the only people that earned money was the government and now I m talking only about a 69 USdollar piece of hardware. (these amounts will affect most consumers in the EU)

Weatherflow is right not to do this in my opinion its expensive for them en the tester.

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