Tempest Field Tester beta program

Besides the shipping/customs, devices in Europe need to operate on a different radio frequency by law. Although it is probably only a solder jumper or two difference, it means that they have to build two different sets of hardware to legally test in Europe…

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Seeing you have employees in Santa Cruz would you still need testers from Santa Cruz or do you think you are getting adequate test data from the area? I currently have a Davis system as my main unit and a Sky plus Air as my secondary unit. I’m feeding the data to my website at www.weathercat.net.

Due to an overwhelming response . — you folks are awesome!!! — we just closed the application survey. Will wade through all the applications over the next week or so and let y’all know. Thank you so much for your interest and willingness to help us make our products as good as you deserve them to be.


I realize that this is not the correct location to post this, but have the applications for beta field testers been reviewed yet? Any selections made? I noticed that the “Tempest Field Tester beta program” topic has been closed.

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I applied for the beta testing program, but I have not heard anything since. Are all the tester slots filled?

It will take a couple more weeks to get through the applications.

Same here. I applied on the 5th of Nov, the day before the “Tempest Field Tester program” forum page was closed. I, too have not heard anything. Waiting patiently and remaining hopeful to be selected.

Same her . . . Still waiting

It would be very helpful if they’d reach a conclusion ‘before’ kickstarter bills folks on Dec-5th when the campaign ends. I’m sure some folks who ordered on kickstarter would cancel their orders if they got into the Field Tester program for the Tempest system (and therefore got theirs in an alternate way)

beware testing devices are not always equal to the final devices, some have extra stuff in it for testing purpose … or less or will be different from final devices … :wink:


From information gathered in a previous post, it was inferred the field test devices will eventually expire. I applaud this decision as active field test devices from the first round have caused unnecessary issues.


Update: The Tempest System Field Test is starting this week. Getting it going has been more work than we thought thanks the number of field test applications, many of them very well-qualified. We are going through each application manually and we hope to finalize the list in the next week or so. As much as we’d love to have everyone who applied be part of the test, that simply isn’t practical. We will let everyone know whether they were selected or not. Thanks for your patience!


PS: We’ve re-opened this thread so you can reply to it again.

I have already made a purchase on Kickstarter, either way. But I never heard back about my Beta application.

You will know when WeatherFlow announces it. Probably in by the end of the year.

Any update on the Beta Program? I have not invested in the Kickstarter as I was waiting to hear if I would be apart of the program or not.

Even if you’re tester, the testing devices you get are not guaranteed identical to the production versions, plus it can be they break (testing) and that you send them back … so don’t expect to have a station free as tester and not buy a final product.

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I get that. I am not looking for FREE products. I have a WeatherFlow installed today. I don’t want to buy the new system, and then get the Beta Test program. Beta cost $89 and you can buy the system for $149 under that program, which equates to $238 if you go that route. If you buy in the kickstarter ($229) and then go into the Beta program, that is another $89, which takes you to $319.

Take it one step further, they mentioned if you already own the current system, there will be a device only (no hub option). I don’t see that on their kickstarter page.

I am looking to invest in the new system/tech, but I want to be “smart” about it.