Tempest Shipping Update & More

Hello, WeatherFlow community! We hope this message finds you happy and healthy. We are very excited to have hit the 2 million mark with funds raised for the Tempest. Thanks, everyone for your resounding support!

Though not proceeding as quickly as we hoped, we’re steadily building inventory in our Daytona production facility as we put each Tempest and Hub device through our rigorous QA and calibration process. This initially proved to be a bit of a challenge, as nearly all our employees are working from home, but we quickly adapted our production process to allow us to keep moving forward while maintaining the health and safety of our team.

Shipping Updates

The shipping timeline for all orders will be delayed as follows:

  • Tempest Complete Systems to North America will begin the first week of May, starting with the US and Canada thereafter. Tempest Complete Systems bound for all other countries will begin shipping mid-summer 2020 due to logistical constraints and ongoing certification processes.
  • Pro Hub systems, including the Tempest Remote System and Storm & Fire Ready Kit, will likely be delayed until late summer due to production limitations.

Shipping address surveys will be emailed to backers prior to shipping.

As a side note, for several weeks our manufacturing partner in Shenzhen has been working with local factories in China to produce and distribute protective face masks, infrared thermometers, and other personal protective equipment to organizations around the world. WeatherFlow and its employees are also doing what we can to help raise funds and facilitate distribution. So far we’ve helped get more than 14,000 masks to front-line healthcare workers and first responders in our local communities.

We are a tight-knit group and have been adjusting to the new normal of working from home, with regular company-wide video conference calls. Every single WeatherFlow team member is working tirelessly to ensure that we continue moving forward, and we are beyond grateful for the supportive community that has rallied around us. As always, we are here if you need anything.


Thanks for the update. Where does that leave the 1st generation supporters of Sky/Air that want to buy the Tempest. What will u be charging us. When do we get our Tempest. Info requested Thanks


Thanks for the update and glad you are all keeping safe during these odd times.

I notice on the Tempest Indiegogo page that the campaign looks like it will be ending in just under 7 days. You mentioned back in March that you would soon know/be able to share the pricing for existing users (Tempest only), and clarify whether for international customers, you would be covering duties on shipments of Tempest modules direct from your store. Are you able to clarify any of this information before the Indiegogo campaign closes?

I am keen to order a Tempest module, but would rather avoid receiving a new hub unnecessarily. Nevertheless, if the Indiegogo discount and the delivery duty paid means it is going to be better value for money than ordering Tempest only from your store, then it would be good to know this. Many thanks!


Hi Peter,

International delivery (outside US & Canada) has been pushed to mid-summer 2020 (probably starting in July). We cannot clarify whether duties will be covered on orders direct from our store at this time.

  • Closure pricing on Indiegogo is $259 USD with up to $50 in shipping costs for international orders.
  • MSRP will be around $329 USD.

So that’s only a $20 savings if you order on Indiegogo. The Tempest device only will be cheaper without the Hub. Also, we would love to give out a discount for our existing customers who want the latest Tempest. So, the best move for your case would be to hold off on Indiegogo and wait for international availability in our online store.

Hope this helps! Thanks for all your support.


Thanks for the update - it helps a lot and is much appreciated :smiley: I will happily hold off and wait for your international availability.

Thanks WeatherFlow!

Am wondering the same. You cant give any pricing to first generation weatherflow customers who wanna buy the Tempest . People who just wanna buy the Tempest, but no hub. Seems like the start of delivery is 1st of May to June, for it to begin and on

Will the Tempest with no Hub be bout 300??

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Is the May shipping date for field testers or regular customers? How does a regular customer who is not a field tester submit an order?

Your answer is just a few posts above yours.

Hello. Its almost May. Would it be faster to order from Indiego or wait till the reduced price is officially revealed and the email is sent telling us we can order. So excited. Please help. Thanks. Aka The Pest

On Indiegogo, you can only order the Tempest complete system (with the Hub). Smart Weather Station customers can wait until early May when the Tempest device only is ready for pre-orders in our store. The price will be much less than the full MSRP. Personally, I’m not certain on exact pricing yet but it will be revealed soon enough.
@gwbaggett May thru June shipping is for our backers on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Pre-order availability will start in May, shortly after the Indiegogo campaign ends. Anyone and everyone can place a pre-order directly in our online store, not just field testers or field test applicants.


So this upcoming week should see the first Tempest systems shipping in North America. :slight_smile:

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And Hopefully soon to Europe! :grinning::star_struck:


Are the new Tempest being shipped ? Its May 5th 2020. Whats the pricing for everyone News updates etc. Hope its not being delayed again

I received my survey e-mail on Friday evening, so shipping of the Tempest is imminent.

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Hello, I am wondering when my Tempest will be delivered. I haven’t received any updates and nobody responds to my inquiries. I live in Canada.

The posting a while back said fulfilment to Canada will start in June. You’ll receive a confirmation for shipping prior.

I’m waiting as well… but patience helps.

Thank you :wink:! I was wondering as I haven’t seen or received an update since.

Another Canadian here. I guess it’s delayed which is fine with me… but just communicate.

Hopefully next week?

From the email I got the other day…

Thank you for your purchase of the Tempest Weather System! This item is expected to be back in stock on June 29. After being calibrated, tested, and packaged by our fulfillment team in Daytona Beach, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with tracking info and your Tempest will be on its way!

I ordered mine in late May. US here, FWIW.