Tempest Complete System International Shipping Update

We are writing today with what we hope is well-received news. While we continue to be plagued by serious delays in getting products to our backers outside of North America, we have decided to do more than simply ask for more patience on your part. (Though patience is always appreciated!) Your Tempest Complete Systems will now include our $40 battery back-up accessory that allows for uninterrupted data flow during power outage when connected to a hotspot. You will still be the first customers outside of North America to own one of the most revolutionary home weather devices on the market at a significantly discounted price, now with an additional free perk to show our gratitude for your support.

Tempest systems are now expected to head out the door in early November, shipped by region (EU, UK/Ireland, AU/NZ). The reason for this delay is that recently, a number of the devices designated for shipment internationally failed our QC process and we made the tough decision to return the product to our manufacturing center. We were able to identify the problem and take action quickly before any left our production facility, but the issue left us with much less inventory than we anticipated.

We will be following up with more details soon, and we’ve also sent a direct email to all our international backers. We could not be more grateful for your patience throughout as we strive to make the very best weather system possible for you. We’ve overcome every obstacle put in our way thus far and have no doubt that with your continued support, we will move past this quickly.

Thank you!

-Team Tempest


Thanks for the update. Is this battery backup the same as the Fire & Storm Ready battery? Or is it a powerbank as what I have noticed people using in this forum?

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Thank you very much for the update and progress. My one frustration is the constant changes to the shipping schedule, particularly for international supporters. I signed up in February this year hoping that I would receive my Tempest as a birthday present to myself in June. Obviously the impact of COVID-19 has been severe, but most recently we have had the estimated shipping dates of midsummer, late August and now early November. It is quite frustrating, so my very respectful request is to see if we can get some certainty here and that the shipping date isn’t going to slip again.


“We are writing today with what we hope is well-received news.”
Naive, I would suggest, to expect that a further two month delay will be “well received”.

As for the “battery backup accessory”, I’ve lived in this house for twenty years without loss of power, so this is a rather pointless item for me.

A $40 refund would have been better received.

The only news that could possibly be “well received” would have been confirmation that the unit had been shipped and would arrive during the next week.

WeatherFlow have, in my opinion, acted poorly, and had a full refund been offered as an alternative solution, they may have gained a modicum of respect.

Alas … :man_shrugging:

However, WeatherFlow, I am still open to a full refund.

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It is absolutely not nice that there is another delay, on Facebook it is written that you also have the possibility of an instant mind.
However, I didn’t get an email like that. What kind of backup battery is that, I chose the Tempest Remote system, there should be a hub battery pack with it anyway.
What do supporters of the Tempest Remote and Fire & Storm kit get?
What about the system, will the delivery that was planned for the beginning of next year also be delayed?

It’s very, very frustrating now, but I’m still really looking forward to my Tempest. Greetings from Berlin Germany


Oh, the irony!

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it wasn’t needed, but you got one anyway. And good that they told you that even before the end of september. But you’re still not happy.

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What’s to be happy about? I parted with money for something that was promised a long time ago. Each update has come with a new promise that has, so far, not been kept.

I’d far prefer to have my money back and see the back of WeatherFlow. Their performance has been a disgrace.

“Battery Backup Device. In the event of a power outage the battery backup will keep your Hub running for at least seven days.” Basically a powerbank with charge-through capability (there are many on the market that do that, but also many that don’t). You could always use it for something else if you don’t need it for your hub.

Have you got in touch with WeatherFlow and asked? I’m pretty sure they would have no qualms in giving you a refund if that is what you want.


just wondering, did you contact weatherflow and ask for a cancellation and refund or didn’t you?

I will personally pay you for your station. Let me know the details and I’ll pay you exactly what you paid and WeatherFlow can ship your station to me.

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Did you order one of these Tempest stations? I’ve decided to get mine expedited shipped to me because it’s just another battery backup that the Pro Hub for the Fire & Storm Kit comes with anyway. @sunny basically said it’s a power bank with possibly a 20,000 - 25,000 mAh charge that gives you 7 days. I already have 2 27,000 mAh power banks, one solar/usbC & the other is just usbC.

Anyway I’m happy that WeatherFlow keeps thinking about us. They seem like a really cool company to be a part of. I have kickstarters in the past that have basically given up on contact and I have never received them :cry:


One? No.


Lol you could set up your own lightning gps locations with that. Do you have a link to your station or is it private?

no you can’t. Timing of the lightning detector isn’t precise enough.

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I see. Dammit. I guess the only place where you can get one that returns this information is https://www.blitzortung.org/. I have signed up to the waiting list, I’m #6271. 15 people (probably includes me) are currently waiting in my area, Victoria, Australia. Probably can save up $500 AUD by the time I get down the list. lol

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note that the blitzortnung devices work great for long, very long range detection, and not so much for short range. You’ll get the nearby strikes from other people’s long range detections. At least that is what I remember reading.


I’ve done the programming and the math and it can be done. However, it’s voodoo magic and it’s not what you think it will be. The sensor gives a distance that is too inaccurate and that makes locating the strike almost impossible.

I’ve looked at hardware used to study lightning and it cost more than my house. Most U.S. universities that have a program to study lightning have the equipment loaned to them. If it fails it is replaced at not cost to the university.

It’s like the military losing a million dollar aircraft. It’s replaced and very few people care. The Tempest will never be able to give us distance and direction.