Tempest Production Update

Thank you all for your patience and support while we navigate the situation in China. We are pleased to let you know that our production facility is back up and running! As many of you may know, it remained closed for an extended period after the Chinese New Year, as a precautionary measure in light of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in Wuhan.

We can confirm that none of our manufacturer’s staff has tested positive for the virus. Furthermore, the facility has implemented strict protective measures required by the government in order to reopen.

At this point, we are anticipating a shipping delay of 3-4 weeks for the new Tempest Weather System, but will keep you all posted as the situation continues to evolve.

The good news about the delay is that it has given us more time for field testing the Tempest system. Data is pouring in from all over the US, helping us refine and improve the firmware on the Tempest device as well as the backend systems used for processing all of the data.

Again, thank you to our phenomenal community of supporters! We couldn’t do this without you.


Thanks @WeatherFlowTeam for using my weather station setup photo on the Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaign updates. It made my day! :grinning:


That is such great news! Can’t wait to get a Tempest!

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Hello. So does that mean an April / May delivery. Please confirm

Hi there! Yes, if the estimated shipping date was April, it is now May, and so on based on the Tempest model backed.


Guess that means i have to wait more. Was looking forward to being it sooner. Will enjoy the 2 skys i already have. Hope the longer wait is worth it. Could u name one or two significant improvements

  1. All in one unit (some would list this as a con)
  2. Temperature is faster to respond to variations
  3. Rain sensor is more sensitive to rain.
  4. Built-in solar charging that works at almost all temperatures.

As a beta tester,would u say people who have a sky would be impressed by the improvements of the Tempest. Are they using stats from each person station, along with other stats to give each location a better forecasted temps. Thoughts from you or other beta testers of the Tempest

What do u mean by temp faster reaction. You mean temps are updated faster and or sooner

Realize that the field testers are under a strict NDA (non-disclosure agreement) that prevents any public comment (including opinions) about anything being tested…


It sounds like the actual sensor is faster to respond to temperature changes.


What @vidguy7 said. The AIR has the thermal mass of the case, components, and batteries which slows down the response to temperature changes. If you look at the pictures of the Tempest you can see the radiation shield in the middle of the unit. Also, you can see that the rain cap doesn’t extend down thee side as far as it does on the SKY, reducing the mass of the cap and isolating it more from the base which naturally improves the sensitivity. As @vreihen said, there isn’t much more we can say. Field testing is to find and correct issues before the units are released to the general public so that the issues people have are minimized if not eliminated.

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I think that folks asking questions about the Tempest should do a little searching of the ‘public’ information that WF has posted.

From that you can infer that “it is one sensor, not two” and “the solar panel is integrated” and you can reasonably assume it’ll be better for the customer (or else they wouldn’t have bothered).

Otherwise, we’re really not allowed to say diddly.


Oh c’mon, you can say ‘diddly’. :wink:

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Are they unable to comment. Can a yone comment

Perhaps a Yone could comment, but not any of us humans.


WF can comment…and as @vinceskahan posted above, they have published plenty of really juicy technical details between here, Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and their main web site if you look…


the trained eye thinks perhaps the teapot needs some sunscreen … uv :wink:

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Is there a date set yet that we will be able to order the hub-less tempest?

Rick Comito
Station 4756


No set date yet but we’ll soon be closing the Indiegogo campaign “InDemand” phase and will transition to taking pre-orders from our online store. After this we’ll whip up some product packages and discounts and make them live on our storefront.

Field testers will be able to use their 20% off Field Tester discount code. Applicants who were not admitted to the field test will be given a special offer to pre-order the complete Tempest system or Tempest device only.