Tempest App Improvements

When is there gonna be any tempest app improvements-- like air quality etc or any other improvements. Thanks

air quality doesn’t belong in the app as long as there isn’t an air quality sensor inside the tempest.

I think AQI would fit fine on the forecast screen.

Any improvements. Any info from the makers of Tempest. I heard there was gonna be improvements

Beta testing is happening.

What are they testing. What are they wanting to add

Any time a program is getting changes made to it, it should be tested. After internal testing the program is often beta tested by a small group of users to expand the types of devices being tested on and to hopefully discover issues and get feedback before the program is sent out the the public. Often, the users accepted into the beta testing are not allowed disclose anything about the program so don’t expect much detail in any responses to your questions until WeatherFlow is ready to disclose it.


Ok. Well can u answer this – if all goes well can we see these improvements by Christmas 2022. Am excited!!! Am one of the first non beta people to get the Sky-Air. Have 1 tempest and 2 Sky-Air

In general industry terms, a beta test is usually performed a month or three before the new version ships. Well, unless you’re Microsoft, when the shipping version is the beta. :man_facepalming:

People taking part in the test are usually under a signed NDA (non-disclosure agreement), so I doubt we’ll see any news posted here until the product is ready to ship…

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I can’t figure out how to link directly to the post, and completely quoting it here feels odd, but if you click on “Updates” on WeatherFlow’s StartEngine funding page, then scroll down to a post from ~2 months ago entitled “Calling all beta testers / Tempest Update”, you can get a sense for what WeatherFlow was telling potential investors it was working on at that time.

Any improvement updates ???

Patience, testing takes time.

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How days do I have to have patience

No one knows. Just trust that it is being worked on and tested. It will be released when WeatherFlow thinks it is ready.


Am just excited to see the improvements. I hope it comes out soon

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