Shipping to EU when?

Hi @WFmarketing,

the last time I heard something is more than half a year ago.
Is there any updated schedule on when you will ship to Europe? Any ideas?


According to the website, WeatherFlow is waiting on product.

Where do you see the hint, they are

For me, as i take a look with an European IP, it looks they actually still only sell to US and Canada…

It shows the units are sold out.

I get this

Citaat May 2019: Limited supply now shipping to US and Canada.

I see this.


To me, this means there is no product to ship, at this time. We all know that this is an item WeatherFlow has developed and intends to sell on Europe. I can only guess that the product is on hold because of development and possible future firmware updates.

Ah yes missed that :sunglasses:

WeatherFlow is suffering from Rockes Hardimus. In between a rock and a hard place. They want to ship product but they want the product to be 100%.

It is difficult to send out new product and later find out a firmware on the Sky is needed. It’s a difficult problem to have.


Hey guys all interesting your talk here, but I’d like to know the status as precise as possible and I guess therefore someone from the company needs to answer… @WFmarketing…?



The “Sold out” status is there since the product is available in the WFstore.
I guess the prepared everything to be ready to sell as well to Europe and Australia / Newsealand
And set the number of pieces in stock to 0.
This triggers the Sold out sign as one chooses the related option.
So, I guess, as WFstuff mentioned somewhere, they have the plan to sell outside US and Canada, but actually this is not poped to the top positions of the todo-list.

If we could get an update from @WFmarketing on a rough idea when the offering to the “rest of the word” might start, it would be nice. :wink:

That’s like asking when the Breathe will be ready. There just is not an answer.

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I see a little difference between release of Breathe and the shop availability of an existing and (almost :wink: ) finally developed (hardware side)…
But WF-team should focus their forces but a little outlook to the future would be nice…
Stay tuned.

Hi @lux4311 Appreciate your continued interest in our weather stations and associated network technologies. Here’s what we know about EU plans. As @GaryFunk mentioned, we’re laser focused on customer satisfaction making sure all who have our products are happy. :slight_smile: To that end, we’ve been spending all of our resources on product improvements, building a high-quality customer service staff, regional weather technology, production and business relationship, etc.

We have not yet had the luxury to focus on developing a proper EU distribution network and marketing capability. There are a myriad of complicating factors when selling a product “overseas”. For example, due the various global communications standards, our wireless weather station must be produced in different radio frequencies to meet regulations. Each governance region has a different set of compliance standards that need to be met and certified; and they seem to be often changing just to make things more fun. Then we have the challenge of establishing an efficient distribution network across the EU at a cost that won’t blow our retail price point out of reach. Layer in the complexity of targeted marketing efforts required in each country and it quickly becomes a major function we are just not ready to tackle. Then you have the issue of regional customer servicing – once we dramatically expand regional sales, we need to store inventory and hire customer service staff to efficiently support our high service standards. (read: right now it’s killing us in international shipping costs when we need to send out a replacement device.)

These are not unique challenges, but since you asked, and we wanted to provide real reasons why we are not yet selling stations to EU and beyond. Like you, we certainly look forward to the day when we can properly introduce our products to world! :rocket:

So our approach until futher notice: get everything right in North America, then scale internationally.


I could not wait and just imported one from weather flow in the usa to New Zealand, else will be waiting forever. It’s working great. Just took apart the solar panel and reversed it so the panel faces north.

You can get panels for the southern hemisphere but dont need one, just reverse it

Any updates on your EU plans @WFmarketing? :slight_smile:

Look for a new product announcement in the coming week.


@WFmarketing any update on the EU plans for Tempest device?

Maybe have a read of this thread Tempest Complete System International Shipping Update