Availability WeatherFlow for newbee?

Hi, I’ve been following the WeatherFlow project for some time now but couldn’t figure out when WeatherFlow Smart Weather (Europe version) is to be expected for sale for me, being not one of the first investors?

That’s a great question. A lot of us are waiting for public sales.

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I understand :wink:
Will it be days, weeks, month’, or perhaps years?

Any “reliable” indication would be great!

I suspect months. But I’m sure I am wrong.

Hi @blackbird Thanks for your interest in WF Smart Weather Stations and thanks for participating in our community – we’re happy to have you along. We’d love to get a new weather station in your hands. Our first commitment was to deliver stations to all those who took a risk, pre-ordered a station and waited a hell of long time to receive the first batch. Our second commitment is to ensure outstanding issues (auto-calibration, rain accumulation, official map of stations, etc) are adequately solved and all pre-order customers are happy. After that we plan a slow and deliberate retail rollout in North America followed by Europe. Once we have adequate inventory – hopefully within weeks – we will offer direct sales via weatherflow.com. We will post announcements everywhere when the stations are available for public sale. To be notified by email, please make sure to add your name to our ‘Keep me Posted’ list. We are also considering a follow-up crowdfunding campaign on the other crowdfunding platform later this fall, nothing confirmed yet.


Do you think that you can disrupt the weather instrument market again, and make one of these for $199 that will fit on a typical rooftop? :wink:

Oh, before I forget, make it solar-powered too… :rofl:


Thx for your great replay, WF-staff, that cleares a lot!
Before becomming a member here, I have added myself to the “Keep me posted” list.

If you have one Weather Station left, please ship it to me :slight_smile:

About the distribution plans;
OK America first, but please The Netherlands second?


Is The Netherlands still a part of the European Union? Between the hassle of GDPR compliance and requirements to produce hardware using completely different radio frequencies to be legal for sale/use in Europe, you can see examples of the hurdles blocking small businesses from selling into the EU market…


Fake news! :laughing:

Our Dutch market is as open as an Ocean, we don’t produce, we trade…

Many things in Europe are the best of the world, f.e. our voting system, our energy voltage (230V), we use the Système international d’unités and our cars run on less gasoline so we can use it for ever.
Our cars drive for ever anyway.

Some countries think they rule the world, but don’t notice better developments.

What you see in closing a market in reallity is denying better options…

868 mHz in general is a better choise than 915 mHz, mostly due to less power consumption.
Google is your friend, maybe someone of @WFmarketing can argue on this. :sunglasses:

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England is leaving the EU in March 2019 so they can use MPH again and hold their £ :wink:


…and continue to drive on the incorrect side of the road… :thinking:


@blackbird We agree with all of your notes above. Like most new products to market, our priority of rollout is governed by many factors including: market demand, logistics, expected return on marketing investment, product fit, etc. We like the Dutch market and will evaluate it with purpose. :slight_smile: